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The Importance of a Brand

By 27th March 2013 No Comments

Can’t be bothered to read it all? skip to the end for the summary of how having a brand can benefit you.

So we’re running some seminars throughout April on how to market yourself as a Fitness Professional, and one of the things we’ll be talking about it the importance of building up a brand around yourself and your business.

A brand is something bigger than you, bigger than what you sell and ultimately will be the foundations of what snowballs your business – and it’s really important you work on your brand from the start, so it can build up over time.

What do we mean?

Most Fitness Professionals, on leaving the gym environment, just name their business after themselves! “Andy Bradbury Personal Training” works, but it’s not exactly memorable is it? let’s look at why having a brand is important and look at an example.

Your name’s Dean Freshman and you started your own fitness business as soon as you got a years’ experience in a gym environment. He decides to call his business “Dean Freshman Fitness”

After a few months of hard work, Dean’s up to 30 consistent clients per week and is making a decent salary. Dean is ready to bring on another PT to work for his business, but wait, his business is called Dean Freshman Fitness! Oops…

Now whenever one of Dean’s PTs goes to train a client, the client also wonders why they haven’t got Dean – who’s surely the best, as it’s his name above the door? this means Dean is always the most demanded in the business (leaving less room for his to plan and build the business even more) and the brand isn’t really a brand.

Now let’s go back to the start – if Dean had set his business up as “Insanity Fitness” at the start, not only does that sound like an awesome business name, but it really lets the business expand as it grows.

The advantages of having a Brand

In short, a brand will do the following things for you:

– Let you expand your business beyond yourself
– Make more per hour vs being a freelance fitness pro
– Frees up your valuable time long term so you can plan and further grow your business