What made you click this article? Were you just browsing, or did the title grab your attention. Either way, congratulations, you’re about to read the most basic article that will make your business life change from tomorrow.

In this article, I’m going to tell you 4 things that I want you to start doing daily. Starting today (or tomorrow if you’re reading this in the evening). Do these every day and before you know it, your business will grow and your stress with deplete.

I’m not going to waste anymore time – here are my 4 daily tasks that will transform your daily life from here on.

Do these four things every day to build your business.


Research for an hour each day.

Every successful business has stemmed from research at some point in it’s lifespan – and so should yours. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure you’re a highly skilled PT or fitness professional, but there is always room to improve and grow.

Spend an hour of your day researching. When I say research, this could be anything from new workout techniques and nutrition plans, to social media strategy and website promotion. It all falls under the same cloud as ‘Research’.

I like to sometimes keep it old school and carry a book with me on different methods or topics, which I’m learning. I’m constantly on the move and my day-to-day schedule is never the same. Sometimes my hour of research will come on my lunch break from the office, other days it will be when I’m travelling across the country on the train. Carrying a book allows me to instantly build my knowledge and grow at any moment.

I won’t bang on about this too much as you’re on our blog, so you must be researching already! Just try to research daily rather than dribs and drabs.  


Spend 1-2 hours a day creating.

I purposely made this title quite vague because there are countless things you can spend time creating each day. The main direction here is to create things that will benefit your business growth and things you’re comfortable with. Some of you may feel happy creating videos of you in front of the camera, others may prefer audio podcasts or written content.

Video content generates great engagement, but if you aren’t confident in being in front of the lense, don’t worry about it. Focus on the content you’re comfortable creating, because this will be your best content.

If you aren’t sure where to start – revert back to tip #1 and research how to create great content. For instance, if you aren’t sure what to write about – research ‘blog post ideas for [your industry]’

Define the problem, find the solution, and present it to your audience so they can take action.


Spend 30 minutes giving gratitude

I read a quote a while back:
“Be thankful of what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.”

Being thankful to what you have is a must, especially with current clients. Simple acts of gratitude, such as a “thank you” message on Facebook, a birthday card, or a shoutout on your weekly newsletter, can go a long way toward building stronger relationships and keeping your current clients happy.

Our industry revolves around changing people’s fitness, health and mindset. Something people may have low self-esteem in. Show gratitude to your clients and it will go further than you think.


Relax or “do nothing” for 1 hour

Running your own business means it’s more than likely you are all-go throughout the majority of the day. This becomes the norm after a while. Amplify this with the fact that you’re running a fitness business and each day becomes one big mass of training sessions, admin, and social media updates.

If I said to you – do nothing for an hour. You will probably lose your mind. But believe me, it will help.

We may tell our clients to relax and find a way to decompress, but we seem to forget that advice for ourselves.

As a trainer always looking to improve, banishing stress and overworking yourself is a must.


Final Thought

Don’t get me wrong, nothing in this article is ground breaking news or a newly found technique to transform your business. They are basic tasks. But can you actually say you’re doing this every day? If not, then this article will be more substantial than you may have originally thought.

If you have any other methods that you wish to discuss, simply comment below and we will get the chat going!

Thanks for reading