With a mouth-watering 500 million monthly users, it’s safe to say that Instagram has an account for almost anything you could ask for. Something it’s beaming with is fitness photography. From the freelance flexers to the seriously extreme – Instagram has it all!

In this short article, we want to show you five of our favourite fitness photographers, who can make glutes look like boulders of gold with a simple click! Give them a follow…



Shooting some of the saught-after fitness models – from Michelle Lewin to Katlyn Runk, Lee has been one of Instagram’s leading fitness photographers for a while. His shots of female models leave little to the imagination – and with good reason! These ladies have worked hard and we support them in showing it off.



Neil Shearer is a commercial fitness photographer and has some stunning in-action shots of people in the gym. Focusing on the CrossFit side of fitness, we love the simplicity and clarity in Neil’s work. Plus he’s a proud Mancunian – added bonus!



If it’s pure muscle inspiration you’re looking for, then Bailey is your guy. Racking up nearly 40,000 followers, Bailey’s profile is super impressive. Working alongside M&F and Flex magazine, he’s built up his portfolio to showcase nothing but shredded athletes.

Definitely one to take notice of if you’re looking for some motivation before the gym.


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We noticed Ludwig through his work with fitness model Paige Hathaway and we were instantly impressed. The proud New Yorker has graced many magazine covers with his work and is making some real noise on Instagram!