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Unique Selling Point as a Fit Pro

By 3rd September 2013 No Comments

As a fitness professional it’s important you define your unique selling point, and what we’re going to cover today is why everyone should buy from you instead of the competition which is an important question to ask! Ready? let’s get started.

There is a very old joke about a guy crawling across the desert dying of thirst. As he climbs up the side of one of the dunes he sees an old man just sitting there on a stool looking wistfully at a handful of raggedy old ties. He assumes it’s a mirage and crawls onwards.

Reaching the top he sees a stylish cocktail bar down below. It must be real, he can hear the clinking of glasses and everyone laughing. With his final valiant effort he staggers down to the entrance.

“Sorry mate” says the security guard on the door, “you can’t come in here unless you’re wearing a tie.”

The point of the story

Well, obviously, he should have got himself a tie!

That’s not the real point though. Here it is: the old man should have sold him a tie. He shouldn’t have assumed that a stranger passing by would know why he was there. So it is with business.

You might have a terrific product or offer a valuable service but unless you find your unique selling point and promote it, provide valid reasons why any potential customer should buy or make use of you, you’d be as well packing up and hiding away

A truth not universally recognised!

Finding Your Unique Selling Point

Imagine you are in business and have a few key competitors. Obviously you should try and find the services you offer or the products you stock that they don’t, your unique selling point. This then is what makes you different – your unique selling point defines you.

That’s only half the story. Here’s a phrase often used by customers: “Oh I didn’t know that you…” Whenever it’s said to you then there should be a frustration that you haven’t told that story.

For every person who contacts you saying this, several others have probably reached the assumption that you don’t!

Here’s some great news for you from this example. Seek out the areas where both you and a competitor provide the same product or service. If neither of you currently promote it, then make sure you start doing so on your website and elsewhere and you will get ahead with your unique selling point.

Let the public then reach the incorrect assumption that your competitor doesn’t provide it. Therefore their only course of action is to do business with you.

A final thought

As an old guru once said: “There is no such thing as a quick sale or a slow sale. There is only a smart sale and no sale.” Here’s to some smart selling!

Image Credit to Hamed Saber