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Danger Signs: What to spot before a client leaves you!

By 10th September 2015 No Comments

Investing everything you have in your clients is what truly makes your fitness business a success. Your mission is to help them reach their goals, whether it is fat loss or upping their fitness for an upcoming event. You see their struggles, but you also see their gains. So when you see a client drop out of your PT programs or boot camps, it’s very disappointing.

It’s also quite concerning from a business perspective. Keeping a member, as you know, is less expensive than acquiring a new one. Each loss of a client results in you having fewer resources to devote to your existing members. Instead, you have to spend your time and money on marketing to keep your membership base and profits afloat.

However, it doesn’t have to be so bad. You can prevent the loss of members if you look for the right danger signs that signal a member may be quitting. Once you see these signs, saving members at-risk is usually as easy as talking to them and helping solve their problems.

You need to stay ahead of the game. And to do this, we’ve created a list of the top danger signs that you’ll most likely see when a member is in danger of leaving your gym or classes.

Skipping Class

Probably the most recognizable danger sign – when your member no longer turns up! If a member normally attends week-in-week-out but abruptly deviates from it, you’re seeing a danger sign. At this point, it will be worthwhile to contact your client and discover the reason for their absence.

There may be a number of reasons; one of the most likely will be lack of motivation. Either way, it’s time to speak with your client and see what you can do to bring them back.


Issues or Complaints

No real explanation needed here. If you have an unhappy client you need to act fast. We would recommend personally checking in with them to talk about their issues and how you can help solve them. Hopefully the complaint is just a one-off, like discontinuing their favourite program or toiletries in the shower room. However, it may be something serious like a concern with someone on your coaching staff.

Don’t worry; complaints can be positive because they allow you to address a member’s concern before they leave.

Remember, the majority of people won’t tell you directly what is going on due to the fear of confrontation. An unhappy client will likely try to slip out the door quietly. Therefore it is important to monitor attendance trends and other danger signs. When they arise, approach the member directly either in person or over the phone.


Unsubscribed from your newsletters

When some people join your gym or classes they may choose not to opt in on your newsletters – some people just like to be more private. However, if a member approaches you and asks you to remove their contact information, you have cause to be concerned. The best thing to do is ask your client why they want to be removed from email lists (Do you send emails too often? Does the member not find any value in them?) Once you have covered this, you will know if there is anything that you can do to keep them as your client.


Their workout buddy left to go somewhere else.

We have mentioned, in a number of blog posts, that the feeling of community is one of the most important motivators for your members. If your community is thriving, your membership base is likely to be growing. Unfortunately, this theory also works in reverse. If you’re losing key community members, you’re likely seeing an alarming fall where others may leave too. This is a critical time to check in with your clients to try and make staying at your gym the easy, and most importantly, right choice.

Now that you have a good idea of which danger signs to look for, ensure you have a solid plan in place to keep your members loyal. Once your clients are happy and attending your classes each week, you can market for more clients. Check out our FREE eBook that will help guide you in attracting new clients.