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Why Music Matters in Your Fitness Classes

By 10th September 2015 One Comment

When we workout, whether at our local gym or at the studio, music plays a key part in motivating us. Forgetting your headphones can sometimes destroy a workout and make each minute feel like an hour. Let’s be honest, how many of us have blown off a workout because we were in this situation? And, rationalized this choice with a “I didn’t have any music?”

During class workouts, clients have no control over the music, which is ok, but other times it can be pretty damn bad. They can sometimes have good luck and rock out to every song that comes on. But then there are times when the music is less than motivating or, worse, a total buzz kill and clients can’t wait to get the hell out of there!

Music sets the tone for your class. We’d recommend that you try to keep the beat relatively similar or arrange your music to follow the energy of how your class is setup (warm-up, workout, cool down). If your music goes immediately from a song that is 70 beats per minute to a song that is 310bpm, it can be quite off putting.

You should also think about the lyrics in the songs. Look up the words of a song before putting it on your class playlist. Also bare in mind any ‘parent advisory’ tracks. They might be offended.

Variety is also essential. Whether each class has a unique playlist, or not, you should try to mix it up. Research what works well on certain routines and also watch people’s reactions to songs when they come on. This will give you a good account whether they like it or not.

Students may be rolling their eyes at you when you tell them to drop an inch lower, but the eye roll could be meant for the music you have playing.

While you can’t please everyone; you can increase your fitness business marketing by of keeping people interested and motivated. This will keep them coming back for more if you pay close attention to what they hear when they are in your gym or studio.

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