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Top 5 Blogs For A Healthier Happier Life

By 16th July 2015 No Comments

There are so many blogs out there. But it’s hard to know which sites are truly trustworthy, entertaining and offer the best content.

We know your time is valuable, so we have gone ahead and scoured the blogosphere for the best blogs to help you and your clients lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. It was tough but we have narrowed it down to the following 5.

They’re keeping it real (no instant remedies etc.) and always being both positive and inspiring, and delivering content we can’t stop reading and sharing ourselves!

So here they are. Leave a comment, in the box below, if you have any happy blogs that you think our readers will like.

Tiny Buddha

Sometimes life can feel like a never-ending struggle. Many of your clients may voice this opinion, as we all know how tough it is getting yourself in the right mind-set for health and fitness. Tiny Buddha is a blog (and a vibrant social community) where bloggers share helpful advice to deal with life’s most difficult situations. But Tiny Buddha doesn’t just focus on the heavier topics. It also celebrates happiness, love, and mindfulness helping to teach readers that a healthier happier life is indeed possible. If you have any clients who are struggling at the moment, have them check this out.


Yum Yucky

Another issue your clients may have is balancing their love of food and their love of fitness. It’s so easy to grab quick junk food these days – it’s scary.

The woman behind Yum Yucky understands that massively. She talks about the foods that can help curb cravings etc. and how she dropped 40lbs. A great blog if you have middle aged mothers as clients.


TED Blog

TED Talks are some of the most inspiring and motivating on the web right now. And the best part is they educate too.

In addition to sharing talks that are guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen, the blog also includes posts created to make you smarter and better informed, from a comprehensive reading list to apps that make life so much easier.

You can pass TED onto your clients but we would definitely recommend this one for you, especially if you’re looking for your business to grow etc.


Zen Habits

In a world filled with constant distractions (willpower is a huge thing in our industry), Leo Babauta has written the book on what it means do less and be more present.

But you don’t have to run out to the nearest bookstore, you can check out Babuata’s musings on his site, Zen Habits. In just a couple years, Zen Habits has pretty much become the go-to blog on all things healthy and happy with popular posts on the savor discipline and the simple way to find your real source of contentment.


Mentality WOD

We focus on our clients exercising their bodies but we should also have our clients focus on exercising their mind too. That’s where Mentality WOD comes in. Taking a leaf from the CrossFit’s workout of the day book, this site publishes quick and actionable workouts to improve your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes.

Want to be more confident? List 10 reasons that you will achieve the goals you’ve set, ask friends to add to the list, and then read the list every day. The blog’s founder, Dawn Fletcher, is a firm believer that improved mentality will lead to better performance, whether it be in the workplace or on the playing field.


So there are our top 5 healthy happy blogs for this month. If you have any that you feel we or our readers should check out, drop their link in the comment box below!