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Top 10 Fitness Gadgets for Personal Trainers!

By 23rd April 2015 No Comments

The world of personal training is constantly changing. In the same way that studies are published almost daily about fitness and nutrition, there are countless companies developing unique products aimed at making your job as a trainer easier – and more enjoyable!

However, given that the popularity and success of the exercise industry is currently higher than ever before, it can be tough to figure out what’s worth adding to your training arsenal and what isn’t. Despite the fancy marketing, not every product is going to help you or your clientele reach their goals.

Rather than risk ending up with poor training tech, here’s our recommendation for 10 of the best gadgets that all PTs should have in their kit bag.



Waterproof Smartphone

Our Recommendation: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (£250)

Most personal training programmes incorporate some form of water-based activity – be that swimming, running in temperamental weather or just a profuse amount of sweating – so it makes sense to cover your technological investments by opting for the right Smartphone.

As well as coming with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from any mobile device, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact will also survive in water up to 1.5m deep for around 30 minutes, allowing you to offer your training services no matter what.



Tracking and Logging Apps

Our Recommendation: Active Toolkit ($19.95 per month)

You’ve got the phone. Now get the web app! One of the most painstaking tasks for any PT is having to keep track of your client’s stats, be it session completion or bodyfat. Rather than have to rely on pen and paper, or even storing this information in different digital documents, the Active Toolkit web app allows you to manage all this with a matter of ease.

Multiple individuals, current progress, goal setting, success, photo storage… if it’s part of your personal training protocol, the Active Toolkit web app will make the process a much simpler one.

Exercise Enhancers

Our Recommendation: Performance Pin ($49.99)

Drop sets are a must for any workout routine. A great way to change things up in the gym – and a unique challenge for your clients – the Performance Pin now makes executing such a technique easier than ever.

Opening up the opportunity to place three pins at specific intervals, each one will automatically eject itself when the weight stack is lowered. Not only will this allow any PT the opportunity to dedicate their time where it’s needed most – motivation and support – but ensure each drop set is as structured and focused as possible.



Digital Bodyfat Callipers

Our Recommendation: Sequoia Warrior Digital Body Mass Calliper (£29.99)

If there’s one statistic that nearly every trainee will want tracked, it’s their body fat percentage. In the quest for that perfect stomach, knowing that they’re shedding unwanted weight is going to keep your clients driven and on the right track.

While traditional callipers will give you the readings you need, a digital pair will not only speed up the process, but also give you a more accurate result. They’re also far less fiddly to use!



Fitness Band

Our Recommendation: Jawbone UP 24 (RRP £149.99)

As much as any PT may like to, there’s no way to keep an eye on your clients 24 hours a day. This means a huge part of their progress relies on them staying true to both themselves and the programme that’s been put in front of them. This is where the Jawbone UP comes into play.

As a gadget to recommend to your trainees, the Jawbone Up has a discreet design and a built-in accelerometer that tracks movement throughout the day. The companion app also documents meal and mood data. This info enables you to be updated on your client’s progress quickly and precisely.



Travel Laptop

Our Recommendation: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (RRP £639)

Travel comes with the personal trainer territory and even when you’re on the road, you’ve got to make sure to keep on top of things. While any standard laptop will do, a slim and light hybrid laptop such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, is designed to be used on the go and won’t break the bank.

Furthermore, it has a stunning 12-inch high resolution screen, meaning that you can work on images, text documents or spreadsheets easily – wherever you may be.

(Check out our other recommended hybrid travel laptops too!)



Smartphone Speakers

Our Recommendation: WOWee ONE Slim (£49.95)

So you’ve packed your kit bag with fitness equipment, your meals for the day, your trainers, a spare change of clothes and a protein shake, and there isn’t an inch of room to spare! With this in mind, taking advantage of what your Smartphone can do is a wise move.

Portable speakers, such as the WOWee ONE Slim, are easy to transport in your pocket and make teaching group classes or taking a session with multiple clients that touch more exciting!



Natural Wake-Up Clock

Our Recommendation: Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 (£99.95)

Even the most dedicated of PTs may struggle when trying to wake for an early morning bootcamp, so any assistance is going to be of huge help! A wake-up light alarm clock is a gadget that can offer such support.

Designed to aid in waking up naturally, the Lumie Bodyclock Active gently decreases the production of sleep hormones (melatonin) and increases those that help you get up and go (cortisol), ensuring that you wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day.



Food Carriers

Our Recommendation: Six Pack Innovator 500 Bag (£84.95)

No matter how hard you train, if your nutrition isn’t on-point there’s always going to be a struggle when it comes to achieving your goals. It’s a fact every PT will instil in their clients, and why the Six Pack Bag can help you to set such an example.

With numerous gel packs to keep food fresh for up to eight hours, it also has space for your protein shakers and supplements, so you need not miss out on your gains ever again!



Muscle Massagers

Our Recommendation: Trigger Point Grid X Foam Roller (£49.95)

All training programmes come with risks, and one of the best ways a PT can help their clients avoid such risks is by loosening the muscles with a massager or foam roller

Replicating the same benefits as a sports massage, pinpointing areas of stress or fatigue with the ultra-firm Grid X Roller helps with muscle flexibility, improves range of motion and increases blood flow to the muscles. The end result is a quicker recovery time and the ability to get back in the gym faster.

Ultimately it’s you that makes the biggest impact in your client’s training, but using gadgets in the right way is only going to take someone’s progress to that next level.

It also allows any PT to stay as up-to-date as possible with the ever changing world of health and fitness. As the industry continually evolves, it’s easy to fall behind the curve. Giving yourself every advantage to succeed will truly put you ahead of the pack.