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Our 6 Must-Follow Motivators

By 17th February 2015 No Comments

With more fitness motivators and trainers on social media than ever before, motivation is literally at our fingertips! And it’s not just impressive Selfie shots they provide; some of our favourite accounts give supplement reviews, healthy (and delicious) recipes and great motivational tips.

But with there being so many, who are really beneficial to follow? Look no further than Startup Active’s roundup of the 6 Must-Follow fitness motivators of 2015! These guys are more than worthy of a Like/Follow/Double Tap!


Layne Norton

Layne Norton changes the whole stereotype of bodybuilder. He’s not just a natural professional bodybuilder, he also has a Ph.D. in nutritional science and has had his work published in a half dozen journals, to say the least! Norton combines both brains and brawn to be the ultimate physique expert, helping his clients achieve their fitness goals with techniques backed by science!

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Jen Selter

If there’s one person who epitomizes the year of the squat, there is only one person who comes to mind – Jen Selter! Selter’s 4.9 million followers like, comment, and share her belfies (that’s a butt selfie!), and they use the hashtag #Seltering to share photos of their attempts her signature pose. To top things off, The New York Post gave her an exercise column called Kicking Butt!

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Brett Hoebel

You may recognise him from TV shows like The Biggest Loser (season 11) or Dr. Oz. However, Brett offers great advice online too. He was 50 pounds overweight as a child and is now a top fitness expert and weight loss specialists. He spends time advocating against bullying too. With over 18,000 likes on Facebook and Twitter, he is definitely someone worth following.

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Michelle Lewin

If you haven’t heard of Michelle Lewin yet then where have you been?! The Body-building beauty holds one of the most popular instagram accounts and it’s easy to see why. The Venezuelan beauty is known for her amazingly chiselled body, and amazing fitness tips aimed at females. Michelle teams sex appeal with raw muscles and it’s proving to be a winning combination!

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Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto knows what it takes to shed excess weight and get ripped. He torched 20 pounds of fat and found his inner Arnie back in college, when he began studying the methods of bodybuilders and pursuing a degree in exercise science. With more than 14 years of experience training, his advice is perfect for beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts!

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Emily Skye

When it comes to female fitness models, not many come close to Emily Skye. The Australian bombshell went from novice to winning fitness awards by the bucket load – including WNBF Miss USA Fit Body NSW 2011 and WNBF Best Body Swimsuit Sydney 2012. Emily is constantly uploading fitness tips and tricks so is definitely a must follow for all!

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