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Writing Content for your Fitness Website

By 14th November 2014 One Comment

When you’re looking at that blinking cursor, you can wonder if you’ll ever get to the end of the page.

Good content for a website is one of the most important elements (along with good imagery) and will make you successful. The best content comes from you as you know more about your business than anyone.

A good copywriter can be amazing and we have some who freelance for us if you’re really struggling, however it’s important you try to write your own copy too.

What pages do I write for?

We’ve built hundreds of fitness websites and across all of them have an ideal website structure which we’ve found to be the most effective for driving leads into your inbox. Why?

We think it’s because you give people just enough to be interested and enquire, but not so much they have no need to enquire about more info.

Here’s what we recommend, and you need 400 – 500 words for each of these pages:

  • About your business
  • Meet the team OR  about you if you don’t have a team yet
  • A page for each of your services (no more than 5, otherwise it’s confusing)
  • 3 blog posts for your website launch

That’s it! Other elements of a website you need snippets of wording for:

  • Homepage (around 100 words telling the visitor about you)
  • Success stories (keep it short, around 100 words per success story)

How do you know how many words you have? you can paste it into this tool and it’ll tell you:

Keyword and Google Advice

Many website owners overcomplicate ranking well on Google – you just need to make sure you write content that you’re happy with, and then once your websites up and running make sure you add new content on a regular basis.

A blog is a great way to add content on an ongoing basis, if you do that it’s worth adding in some basic keywords.

Your keywords are the phrases that you would like to be searched for on Google, for example in Crawley, London. If you offer a personal training service you would make sure to add in “Personal trainer in Crawley” 2 or 3 times in that post.

For your location, think small. If you go for the city that you’re in, say Manchester, your competition is going to be extremely high. Start small and work your way up with your new website – for example target “Personal Training in Altrincham” initially and get a foothold.

Some Examples

Here are some examples, as if Startup Active were a personal training business:


‘At Startup Active we specialise in helping our clients reach their perfect weight and fitness. With our expert personal trainers in Location we can guarantee that you will reach your goals.’

What can you offer them?

‘Our personalised, tailor made programs will provide you with all the tools you need to hit your targets and more! With the help of our personal trainers in Location you will safely start to see your rapid results.’

Practical aspect of your service

‘Using the run of the mill Treadmill can bore and tire, so at Startup Active our personal trainers in Location create a varied work out with kettle bells, circuit exercises and we even incorporate military style exercise to really challenge you!’

Call to Action

‘If you’re looking to get fit, tone your body or simply lose those extra pounds, Startup Active can guarantee our personal trainers in Location will get you RESULTS!’

On Closing

Content writing can be difficult, but with a little effort and following the guidelines above you can make yourself stand out against your competition dramatically.

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