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The Basics For Effective Website Design for Fitness Professionals

By 23rd December 2013 One Comment

There are two key starting points when tackling website design for fitness professionals. Firstly, appreciate that you are talking to potential customers rather than about yourself. Secondly, make sure you use terms and language they, often as non-experts, can easily understand. There’s a classic selling mnemonic – AIDA – whichacts as a terrific guide towards helping you create an effective web presence…

A: gaining ATTENTION from the right people

Consider who your potential customers are, and why they would be interested in the fitness services you offer. Two useful questions to ask: what reasons would people have for using my services – and – which specific benefits do they want to gain? If you can create a list of answers to these, then you have the basis of how to attract their attention – and what to talk about when you have.

I: heightening their INTEREST in what you can offer them

How often have you eagerly visited a website and been quickly disappointed by what you find? When designing a website for a fitness professional, our aim is to provide the information which answers the kind of questions people would ask if they were talking to you. You use the reasons and benefits, and then back them up with relevant facts about your services and outcomes. This then convinces them to consider taking the action you want.

D: building a DESIRE to act

To quote a sporting phrase: “They’ve got to want it!” After examining the information, a potential customer needs to have a picture in their mind of gaining the outcomes they desire. This sells the idea of going ahead.

A: demanding they take ACTION

Too many websites don’t achieve this. Actively encourage them to do what you want – call, complete online form, visit a class – whatever. Ensure it’s easy for them to take action; you might even make them a little anxious of not doing so.

Following AIDA really helps to create an effective website design for fitness professionals like yourself. It’s your chance to make a compelling case for others to benefit from what you are great at!

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