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Tips On Testimonials For Websites For Fitness Professionals

By 22nd March 2014 No Comments

Nothing is more powerful than the seal of approval from your current clients.

Testimonials, success stories and real results will do wonders for your website.

But your testimonials do not have to be full blown essays, in fact a full blown essay means that a potential client is unlikely to take the time to read the testimonial, wasting valuable space on your site.

When we are advising on our websites for fitness professionals our advice is to keep it short, sweet and to the point. It is ok to ask your clients to follow a few questions to ensure that you get a rounded and effective testimonial.

Make it simple;

  • Why did they come to you? (Lose weight?)
  • What did you do for them? (Personal training)
  • Did they get results?
  • What results? (5lbs in 2 weeks)
  • Would they recommend you & why? (Of Course, you supported the, boosted their confidence, got results!)

We advise to keep testimonials on websites for fitness professionals to 100 words max, each.

But if you are looking to really impress your clients, then nothing comes better than a video testimonial. Not only does this add functionality to your website but its also solid proof.

If your looking to do a video testimonial for a website for fitness professionals then you need to make sure you get the key things right;

  • Video the testimonial in a quiet setting so that all the attention is on what the client is saying.
  • Aim the camera correctly (it sounds obvious but trust us, it’s a simple but detrimental mistake)
  • Make sure your client looks happy to be there, don’t make it look like an interrogation!
  • Use a good quality camera!!

You don’t want to jam pack your site with testimonials as you want the potential client to be able to navigate the site and find the information they need but we certainly recommend consistent visible testimonials throughout all websites for fitness professionals.