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Multiple domains for your fitness business

By 12th May 2014 4 Comments

When trying to push your business to be the best, you need to make sure your website is playing the right part in your business too. A good website needs to convert first and foremost, as we have covered many times on this website so if your website isn’t generating leads, make that your focus BEFORE you begin pushing traffic towards it otherwise you’re wasting a great opportunity.

Once you’re ready to drive leads to your website there are several techniques we advise:

  1. Make sure you blog on a regular occasion, this is great for ranking on search engines
  2. Focus on off site optimisation which it “traditional” SEO, but one of the most effective
  3. Purchasing additional domains, getting simple one-page sites up and running and pointing them back to your main domain. Internally we like to call these satellite sites.

Today I’m going to be focussing on #3, building satellite sites and how they can help your SEO.

Grab the domains anyway

The first point is grab useful, local domains for yourself anyway, even if you’re not going to use then just now. This may cost you a few hundred per year to keep them, but it’s much better you have them than your competition. Here are some domain names to look out for which are the most popular search terms:

  • Personal Trainer in <Your Town>
  • Personal Training in <Your Town>
  • Gym in <Your Town>
  • Training Facility in <Your Town>
  • Weight Loss in <Your Town>
  • Fat Loss in <Your Town>
  • Nutrition Advice in <Your Town>
  • Bootcamps in <Your Town>
  • Boot Camps in <Your Town>
  • Group Training in <Your Town>

There are many more, but those will set you up with a great start. If you live in a city, get to gyper-local levels – so for example in London you’d grab “Personal Training in Camden Town” and not “Personal Training in London” which brings in unqualified leads and is a poor search term. People also love to search for fitness services near local parks, for example “Bootcamps in Reagent Park” so be sure to snap those up.

GoDaddy Domain Search Screenshot

You can purchase these from loads of providers, I wouldn’t recommend these guys for ACTUAL hosting of websites as they aren’t great, but great for purchasing low cost domains in an easy to manage interface then check out GoDaddy.

Purchasing the domain names is a great start and you can point them to your main website domain from the GoDaddy interface itself (here’s the how-to article) which is free to do, so do that as a minimum.

I have them! What’s next?

Once you’ve done that, you need to set out a long-term strategy for getting these sites set up properly as search engines won’t put these sites into their searches if there is no content on them. The only way these sites will have any benefit to you in direct visitors is if someone happens to type in for example which, as you can imagine, is an incredibly rare event.

Our Client Dominating SearchWhat you need to do is get a simple one-page website up on each of these domains, it’s a service we offer ourselves if you want the hassle-free approach (we don’t advertise this service publicly, get in touch if you’re interested) or if you want to do it yourself you can grab a simple one page theme and set up a basic website.

Make sure you have at least 600 words on this one-page website, otherwise there isn’t much point having it as there isn’t enough content for search engines to pick up on it – if you do it correctly, you’ll get res. Also make sure you have plenty of links back to the main website for your business.

If you attempt this yourself, you can set up a basic WordPress website and buy a theme from Theme Forest for $55 or so, however you should know in advance building a website from scratch takes at least 10 hours to do properly and longer if you’re not experienced, so do make sure you’re using your time wisely.

As a reference, here’s a one-page website we built for The Training Spot and you can see we’ve made it very similar to the main Tspot website:

One down…

Congratulations on getting your first satellite website up and running! These sites are typically picked up in 4 – 6 weeks so plan ahead and try and get one done per month if you can find the budget or time, it will be worthwhile for the long-game.

If you would like any advice around any of this or would like me to book my team to do this for you, book some time out with me and I’ll catch you on a call.

Good luck!

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  • Heather Peck says:

    THANKS!!! – very helpful.

    How important is the “in” in the domain name? ie: Personal Training IN Hebron vs: Personal Training Hebron…. don’t want to be too picky, but want to do it right the first time.

    • Startup Active says:

      Hi Heather,

      It’s debatable but better to have ‘in’ included. They are known as stop words and Google doesn’t share its algorithms so nobody knows for sure, but it’s suspected Google ignores stop words for the most part. My advice would be to get it with ‘in’ included.


  • Mauric says:

    Thanks Andy. Now, I understand! Adding to the priority list!

  • Leon says:

    Great article Andy, this is why your company are the best at what you do!