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Make Your Fitness Website User Friendly

By 8th January 2014 No Comments

You might have a site full of impressive before and after images, testimonials and persuasive content but all of this is useless if your website is not user friendly. Here are a few tips we always keep in mind when we design a fitness website.

Welcoming Homepage

This is likely to be the first page your potential clients will view, to ensure that you do not scare them away at first glance keep the homepage as a directory to the other pages on your site. Grab them at first glance and pull their information in with eye catching lead capture forms.


Don’t over load your site with text by keeping your content concise and relevant. Address why this potential client is looking at your site, tell them how you can help and why your service beats the rest. Write to your target audience in a clear font it a size and layout that is easily read. Try to avoid big chunks of text so you do not dishearten the reader.


Make sure that when you design a fitness website it has a clear navigation, with drop down menus categorizing and organizing your services so your potential client can find what they are looking for.

Page Loading Time

Another point to keep in mind when you design a fitness website is that potential clients are less likely to visit your site if your pages load slowly. Quite frankly they get bored waiting, even if it is just more than 5 seconds. You can help this when you design a fitness website by keeping file sizes on the page to a minimum, such as images and videos. But if you chose a good company to host your site, this should not be an issue!


The majority of people use their phones to search the Internet. So if your site is not responsive you are missing out on a vast amount of potential clients. This is a must have with smart phones taking over the market!