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Make Marketing Your Fitness Website Easy

By 2nd November 2013 No Comments

You’ve achieved your dream of becoming a personal trainer, but now you’re finding that you’re less and less in the gym with clients and more in the office wading though acres of paperwork and dealing with online marketing. That’s the dull experience of many who become fitness professionals, but the good news is that there’s help at hand to make marketing your fitness website easy.

Like any business, as a fitness professional you will have many different areas of your company to manage, staffing, accounts, equipment care, marketing and actually being involved in the fitness! So first off, you need to know how to sort out the administrative blizzard around you. Many people who are new to their own businesses become quickly swamped because they try to do everything themselves. They fall into the trap of not delegating, thinking they can do it alone and are capable of handling all matters relating to the business, from accounting to marketing.

Accounting is enough of a mine field in itself for most of us, hence why we tend to employ an accountant! Marketing your site is as important as counting the pennies, as marketing is what will get you those pennies!!

We recommend that all our clients have a blog, an unmissable tool when wanting to be prominent on the internet, blogging is a great way to keep your site active and to encourage your Google ranking. Inserting your keywords and keeping the subject interesting and current not only shows your passion for your area but boosts your ranking!

Social media is an extremely powerful tool, going viral is the new business worlds top tool. Ensure your social media is linked to your site and again keep them active, interesting and relevant. Spreading your business across the internet means more potential customers are likely to engage with your site, and more likely to spend money with you!

Even as the website guys we have a dedicated member of staff just for social media and our blogging. If you do not do numbers hire an accountant, if you do not do marketing, make marketing your fitness website easy hire the professionals to do it!