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Has Google Punished Your Website without You Knowing?

By 4th January 2017 No Comments

It’s arguably one of the biggest things to hit Google in the last couple of years, yet many website owners are still in the dark.

We are talking about the announcement of Google punishing websites that are not mobile-ready.

Keeping track of Google updates is quite a tricky on it’s own, and even when you do stay in the loop, actually understanding their updates can be super challenging.

So here it is in simple terms – if your website isn’t configured to work correctly on smartphones then you may see a drop in your Google rankings or, even worse, not rank at all!

The reasoning for this update is simple.

Mobile Internet browsing has surpassed desktop browsing in recent years and, as we move to mobile devices more and more, it’s essential that websites keep up, too. By rewarding mobile-friendly websites with a higher ranking, Google is continuing to shape the digital landscape.


What does this mean to your business? 

Before you start panicking, you need to determine whether your site is actually at risk of punishment, first. To determine this, there a couple of tests you can run on your website to check whether it’s ‘mobile-friendly’.


Run your site through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Simply enter your URL into the grader. You can also check the Mobile Usability Report within your Google Webmaster Tools account for additional details on mobile compatibility issues across your site.


Check your site’s SERP appearances.

You may have already begun noticing mobile-friendly tags populating certain search results within Google searches on mobile devices. If your site shows up there, your site is already mobile friendly and you don’t have anything to worry about.


My website isn’t mobile-friendly, now what?

If your website reports back as NOT mobile-friendly you need to make some changes. Some of you may be actually able to do these changes yourself if you’re tech-minded and have an understanding of web-design.

If you’re confused and not sure where to start, the Startup Active team are happy to help perform a review on your online business and get you mobile-ready as well as other things you may require.

To see how we can help and how Active Blueprint can boost your business, simply book a free chat with Andy via his calendar.

Choose a slot where you’re available and we will take it from there!