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Building Websites for Personal Trainers

By 19th March 2013 No Comments

We got asked a great question last week – what is it like building websites for personal trainers?

I’m really pleased you asked! Building websites for personal trainers, or anyone for that matter, is a challenging process as what we effectively have to do here at Startup Active is convert your entire business into a few pages.

Building Websites for Personal Trainers

Although it’s challenging, we did pick personal trainers and the fitness industry as a whole for a reason – you guys rock!

The great thing about building websites for personal trainers is that personal trainers themselves are very relaxed by nature and easy going, however they are also hugely driven and are great at setting goals.

That means all we need to do is ask the right questions and we are able to pull content together really easy.

The Process

Initially we chat to the personal trainer if we need to so we can get a grasp of what’s needed on the website, but importantly to find out what you do as a business, for example if you specialise in boot camps, pre/post natal, wedding packages etc.

We then book the website out with our team, and during the initial 2 weeks the website is set up in WordPress, our custom template is applied to your website and then we’re ready to design it!

We have spent many months refining our processes, meaning building websites for personal trainers is very easy with the Startup Active team – all we need from the PT in most cases is the content for the pages (300 – 500 words per page) and imagery at which point we’re good to go!

The Advantages

When building a website for personal trainers we get asked a lot what the advantages of being online are. Well the shortest answer is everyone searches online

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for services, and as a result if you’re not appearing online and on page 1 for some phrases then you’re missing out on massive business.

Believe it or not we never used to be big believers in ranking high online, however now that we rank well for a range of phrases the enquiries roll in daily from search engines and it’s our largest source of business after recommendations.

Also by being online and with a Startup Active website, you stand out amongst the other PTs out there. Even those of them with a website won’t compare to you as Startup Active websites are the best on the market.

We’re here to chat though, if you have any questions just call us on 0800 092 1311 or contact us and we’ll happily give you advice!