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Before And After Images Are Key On Websites For Personal Trainers

By 13th December 2013 No Comments

With your website you want to entice new clients into their training programmes and nothing has the power to convince like rock-solid proof of success.

Many potential clients are put off training programmes because they think they just don’t work: they won’t loose the inches, won’t get those desired abs, won’t be able to build up their abs. They might give it an initial shot but grow weary and just give up. It’s a downward spiral of negativity countered only by the positivity of real progress.

Nothing works better than a stark reality, a before and after image that truly shows results. Websites for personal trainers are key as they can showcase your work in all its glory, you can make that potential client know that you are the one to help them hit their targets! Testimonials like in any business are key, place them to accompany those images and it makes the person in the image more real and further confirms your the one they need!

Don’t try to trick your audience with fake images, YouTube has well and truly stumped that trick with its videos on 15 minute results, make up and different outfits can make the world of difference on images. So to prove your pictures are real, add statistics. Nothing looks better than numbers. ‘Kate lost 26 pounds in our 6 week challenge’ and ‘Tim shaved 3 inches from his waist since starting with Startup Active!” Timescale and weight loss digits really encourage and build confidence in your methods.

Thanks to copious amounts of companies trying to fool people into fad, fast and failing weight loss or fitness techniques, it is essential to show you can really provide results. When we create websites for personal trainers we are finding that making these images and figures stand out and ultimately become a focus creates results!

Make sure that your website material is honest and professional, with enough solid material to attract people to sign up to your fitness programmes. After all, real and lasting success is not only found on the gym floor but in the management office too; it takes hard work, but in the end, honesty pays off.