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Advice On Content For Personal Training Websites

By 15th January 2014 No Comments

An often neglected but fundamental tool is the content for personal training websites. It’s the body of your site that will persuade your viewers and potential clients to invest in your services. So what should you include?

You do not want to over load your page with text so we recommend around 300 words per page. This may still seem like a lot, but it is essential for SEO purposes. So you need to make the most of your 300 words and at the same time create content that can be structured into separate paragraphs or sub headings to break up the bulk.

Make it easy for yourself and split it into the essential questions potential clients have in their mind when looking at a personal training website.

  • Why are they looking at a personal training website?
  • What can you give them that your competition cannot, what makes you the better option?
  • What does your service include?
  • Can you guarantee results?

Ensure that when you are writing your content you have your target market in mind at all times. There is no point in writing about affordable training and weight loss plans if you are aiming for elite clients.

Having good content for personal training websites also helps when it comes to your Google Ranking. You need to pack it with your keywords, at least one for every one hundred words of content. Keywords are what you want your site to be found for on Google, so this could be personal trainer in Manchester, personal training in Manchester and so on.

Assign one keyword to each page of content and use it to its full ability, obviously make sure that the text still makes sense!

Testimonials are great content for personal training websites as they provide proof that your services are exceptional, and that you are what you say you are! So try and get your clients to boost your page with some encouraging feedback!

We know the importance of great content for personal training websites and have an in house writer, so if you are still struggling, we can help!