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6 Hacks to Writing Great Website Content

By 15th June 2016 No Comments

Writing effective content is one of the biggest tools in marketing. It’s not all about edgy images and cool shots of your business – people also want to know what you can do for them and how your services are something they want as well as need.

Writing your website content is crucial for generating new leads. So in this article, I’m going to give you 6 actionable pointers on how to write great content for your website and marketing materials.


Get The Basics Right

Before you even start creating your content, you need to get to grips with the basic principles in writing. You don’t need to be the next JK. Rowling, but you do need to be clued up on grammar and content flow.

A great way to brush up on the basics is with research. Grab a number of marketing books and learn their style of writing. Try to add this style into your text, while keeping your business tone.

This will make your content a lot more compelling and help with lead generation.


Powerful headlines

You could have the best content in the world, but if it’s not backed up with a powerful headline, then nobody will read it in the first place. It’s your headline that grabs the reader’s attention; it’s what makes them either read more or not at all.

Once again, research is key. Take a look at other websites and see if their headline grabs your attention. Also, grab a handful of magazines and learn what words are key to making you stop in your tracks and actually read the article. Learn and master this skill and you will take a huge leap forward in content marketing.


Short and Sweet.

People get bored easily, especially when it comes to reading. The majority of people will avoid heavy paragraphs, no matter how great the content may be.

Keeping your content short and simple is recommended. If you keep your first paragraph relatively short, chances are people will find it interesting and continue to read.

Use stats and intriguing questions in your content. Keep your reader focused and interested.


Add bullet points

Those small black dots are extremely beneficial when it comes to content writing: they turn document scanning into a simple, time-effective process, draw attention to the most important aspects emphasized in your content and enable you to communicate much more efficiently.

Add them to your content to make it much more simple for readers to scan your text.


Edit ruthlessly

Editing text can be tiresome and quite boring but it has to be done if you wish to create great content.

After writing for over an hour, your mind can wander somewhat, which can leave you open to bad writing. This is why you must read through your content after a break to see if you can spot any errors or places where you start talking nonsense!

Don’t be easy on yourself – if something doesn’t sound right, change it. Using this method on your copywriting will provide you with much better results.


Be Unique

When it comes to writing your content, there are no shortcuts. Steer clear of copying (plagiarising) other website’s content. It’s not good business and could come back to bite you. Your business is unique and your content should be too. Even if you are an amateur, with these tips you can successfully write engaging and lead generating copy for your website.