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4 Websites We Are Eager to Redesign

By 13th June 2016 No Comments

Each and every day, the World Wide Web seems to get much more beautiful. Especially every time a Startup Active website goes live!

But during our daily research, we often encounter mundane, dated websites that seem to be trapped in the Dark Age.

It’s sad to see.

There are so many websites oozing potential.

Our design team has picked out 4 websites of companies we love but could do with a little facelift.

Change isn’t always a bad thing, right?




Mixed martial arts (MMA) has to be one of the highest growing sports of the last ten years, and with that growth has seen the company, UFC, become an empire around the world.

But sadly, it’s website is falling behind. It’s dated layout and link-heavy homepage makes our head hurt – a lot! It’s difficult to decide where to click.

In such an action-packed sport, we would replace the mammoth amount of links with some more imagery – maybe a large header slider with featured stories. This would give the visitor some breathing space and a more pleasant experience overall.





It’s funny to see that the most popular classified website worldwide looks like it’s trapped in 1998. Hey, maybe the whole “if it’s not broke, then why fix it” ethos was made with Craigslist in mind, but design is in our blood and we can’t help but want to get our hands on it!

First thing we would do is simplify the homepage and organize the crowd of links into a nice friendly drop down menu. We’d add some colour too!




Mr. Olympia

With the whole competition being defined by appearance, it’s a shame to see Mr. Olympia’s website falls behind. As an established competition worldwide, we feel their website can be a lot bolder with imagery and video. A great addition to this website would be a video header, just like the one we have on our Startup Active page. Plus the navigation menu has a lot going on. Be Bold Mr. Olympia. Be Bold and be beautiful, just like your contestants.




Manchester United

Arguably the biggest football (soccer to our American friends) club in the world, Manchester United Football Club deserve a website of a higher class. It needs more quality, more edgy material, and fewer thumbnail images. We get that Manchester United are trying to use the website as a more ‘news’ website than anything, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered and bombarded with links. A large feature slider at the top of the homepage talking about the main stories would work a treat, here. We feel it needs cleaning up, especially for the new season under Jose Mourinho!


Final Thought

With there being endless amounts of websites we want to redesign, this list could go on and on! The best thing to take away from this article is to not let your website fall behind. If your website doesn’t grab visitors attention within 8 seconds, they will leave. Ensure your website fits the bill for your target audience! If you feel your website needs a revamp – take a look at our Active Blueprint offer.