How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

By 21st February 2017 No Comments

If you’ve been following our blog for a while – or in fact if you’ve been following any reputable marketing blog – you will already be aware of Instagram stories, but the question is, are you aware of how you can utilise it into your marketing to generate more engagement and leads?

Here at Startup Active, we are big fans of the story feature as it gives us an easy way to provide throw-away content to our audience.

In this article we will give you 4 simple ways of why and how you can use the Instagram Story feature to boost user engagement on the social media app.



Show off your clients.

Instagram Stories is a great way to show off your clients within fitness sessions to help generate engagement. This works well in a number of ways; firstly it shows your existing clients that you care and are proud to be working with them on their goals. Secondly, it gives other users an insight of your fitness sessions and the audience your services are targeting.

During your sessions, ask your clients for a quick pre/post workout selfie and stick it into your story. This will allow your audience to get a behind-the-scenes look at your company culture, while creating more engagement for your business.


Run Special Offers

Everybody loves a special offer! A great way to get your offers out there fast is through your Instagram Story.

When running a special offer in your Instagram Story, add a caption referring users to click the link in your bio, and then link it to a landing page promoting the offer where people can opt in.  

I recommend adding some urgency to your offers, possibly stating that this offer is a 24hr only offer. The time-critical nature makes people far more likely to pay attention and convert – something we all want.

Don’t just rush your offer, however. Make sure you’re offering something of value to users. Try pushing your free eBook or free sessions through your Story. People will engage.


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Share The Inside Process

Adding trust and credibility is essential for business and a great way of doing this, on social media as a whole, is by giving users a glimpse of your business process.

Maybe it’s a video of you visiting the manufacturers to pic up your fitness gear, or simply a high-quality product shot of your branding on different products (like a protein shaker). Content like this offer a look at your creative process and help to build a new level of trust with your audience.

Also, consider doing a special feature that gives viewers a peek at a new class or exercise that you are going to add to your services. Sharing your work helps to show what services you’re capable of providing.



Share Raw Material

Instagram stories may be temporary, but their effect on your overall brand isn’t. This is why we class it as ‘throw away content’. Don’t be afraid of just snapping away or creating quick videos of you talking.

This will help humanise your brand, adding more trust and credibility to your business. People feel more in touch with businesses that provide a human touch rather than posts that look created by robots.



Do a Takeover!

Instagram story takeovers are becoming extremely popular – just like Snapchat takeovers. A takeover is when somebody in the industry who has a strong following literally ‘takes over’ your Instagram Story for an hour. They then provide material for your story.

Story Takeovers are extremely fun and can draw special attention from your audience as well as the person’s audience who is actually taking over your Story.

Takeovers are awesome because they act as a partnership to provide a mutually beneficial exchange of value. It can be a key tactic for growing your audience.

Pro tip: Avoid the “all about me” Snapchat model. Your Instagram stories should always include a sharp focus and a strong call to action.



Post often!

As mentioned earlier, your material in your Story doesn’t have to be perfectly shot and touched up like a Vogue magazine cover. They can be quick and easy chunks of media.

With this being said, you want to post often. Try to aim at 3-5 Story posts a day and you will be on the right path.

Have you been using Instagram Stories for your business? Let us know how you’re finding the experience below 🙂