The 5 Social Media Mistakes You MUST Avoid

By 26th November 2015 No Comments

Something we often talk about on our blog is the importance in social media and how beneficial it can be for your business when done right.

Those of you who’ve read our blogs, downloaded our eBooks and taken these tips on board – awesome!

But it doesn’t just stop there – you need to be aware of the major mistakes many fit pros make, on social media, so that you don’t fall into the same trap.

MISTAKE 1: Believing Quantity is Better Than Quality

Having thousands upon thousands of followers looks pretty cool – we get that. It gives the impression that your business is a big deal. But unfortunately, this doesn’t pay the bills.

Spending a couple of hundred dollars to get a thousand likes on your Facebook page or Twitter profile may seem like the easiest option but the bottom line is, this doesn’t add any more revenue to your business.

Unless you’re planning to quit the fitness industry and compete with the likes of Kim Kardashian for social media sponsorship deals… then forget about quantity.

The only people that matter to your social networks are your clients, potential prospects and your partners, not the random bunch of users from half way across the world.

The quality of your followers is essentially more important than quantity of your list.


MISTAKE 2: Having No Brand Personality.

One of the fundamental rules, when it comes to social media, is be fun and exciting!

But this doesn’t mean you have to turn your page or profile into some wacky emphatic network.

Have fun with your marketing campaigns and try not to be too strict – your really don’t need to be in our industry. Use your social network marketing to express your business.

Share your community having fun in your marketing with you too.

MISTAKE 3: Not Posting Regular Good Content.

Good quality content is never rushed. Not only does it take time to create but also requires planning.

This is something many businesses skip. However, if you truly want a business with a successful social media presence then you simply need to do both. Recycling posts from Google about health and fitness is extremely easy, yes, but that doesn’t mean it will be beneficial. In fact, the time you take to rehash a post could cost you more than you think.

Stay away from rehashing and invest more time in quality posts. Post regularly too. We like to post roughly 2/3 times week with good quality posts.

MISTAKE 4: Not converting followers into paying clients.

As mentioned earlier, if you have read our other blog posts on how to boost your social engagement, and followed our tips, then should have generated a good quality audience.

What makes a good quality audience? Well, it’s the people who are engaged in your page and look forward to your posts.

The next step is turning this audience into revenue.

Create a Facebook campaign offering your followers a specific promotion. This could be anything from a free taster session to a free eBook. This then allows you to gather their contact details and begin to push them into your sales funnel.

When you do this right, your audience will not only appreciate it, they’ll look forward to it!

MISTAKE 5: Focusing on too many channels.

This mistake can easily be made. A lot of businesses, not just fitness, but businesses in general believe that having their company on as many social networks as possible is good for business. Yes this can be true, if you have a social media team and ensure all the networks are used to maximum potential.

However, having social media profiles that aren’t updated often can cause more harm than good. So stick with this rule: it’s better to be great at publishing on one or two channels, rather than failing at them all.

Social Media isn’t as easy as people like to think. You could literally spend your entire day on a network and before you know it, 4 hours have passed by and you have all but a couple of likes to show for it.

Decide what platform makes the most sense for your target audience.

Facebook is usually at the top of most businesses social priority list and who can blame them, with nearly 2 billion users and growing, Zuckerburg’s network has to be on every businesses agenda.

Don’t try and spread your business across too many platforms if you cannot keep up with the demand. 


The way we communicate has been changed since the birth of social media. Some people may think this is a bad thing but when it comes to marketing your business and services, it’s a godsend. It allows you to drive traffic to your pages and, for little cost, turn potential clients into leads. Just be wary you don’t get too complacent and fall into the traps of the mistakes above.