Struggling to pull traffic to your fitness website?

By 4th June 2014 No Comments

When it comes to your website you need to pull in as much traffic as possible.

Even the best websites for fitness professionals cannot flood you with leads without traffic hitting the website.

You can pull traffic to your website using multiple avenues:


The king of search engines, if you are not near the top of the first page for your vital keywords then you are not going to get any eyes on your websites. Think of it this way, when you are searching Google, how often do you trail through the results pages beyond the first page? The majority of us do not leave page 1, so you need to be there. To do this you need an SEO strategy. If you do not have one then this is a vital mistake!


Use your social media to push people to your website. Write a blog and share it on Facebook, or Tweet about a success story. Post a work out of the day and again push them to your website. Make the most of your Facebook friends and likes, get them to post about your services and website, it may sound cheeky but that’s another 100 – 200 potential views.

Marketing Campaigns

It may sound silly to reiterate this, but every poster, business card, post or publication that is about you or your gym, make sure your website link is featured! You have to give your lead capture forms and calls to action the views to be able to see them do their work.

Traffic is essential in making your website covert, with us the journey does not end by creating amazing websites for fitness professionals. At Startup Active we can help boost your traffic and boost your leads.