Social Media Marketing For Personal Trainers

By 6th December 2013 No Comments

As Personal Trainers you focus on the developing world of fitness, new exercises and nutrition tips, social media can often take a back seat, but this is the perfect way to promote your business and inform clients and potential clients on the fitness world updates!

Marketing for personal trainers is usually done through simple, plain posts on Facebook that fail to create interest. Building a reputation using social media must focus on using the page to highlight your expertise, seeking out groups already interested in fitness and working to prove your knowledge to them.

Posting a Tip of the Day onto social media helps to engage clients and will spread as they share your tip with friends. Find subjects are current and interesting, and always end the daily tip with a gentle call to action by messaging you if they have any questions. Marketing for
personal trainers means engaging prospective clients through carefully selected information snippets detailing your uniqueness in the field.

After every post, ask the reader to do something such as giving their support or opinion to your post. Getting responses is part of marketing for personal trainers, as it improves your EdgeRank with Facebook, which is an algorithm designed to widen your audience of viewers, whilst the responses hold social proof for any new readers. A useful marketing tool for personal trainers is link readers to a squeeze page, where in exchange for an ethical ‘bribe’ they give their email address, which then is collated with others into a useful mailing list.

Sending out 4-6 messages a day onto Facebook will boost your EdgeRank and allow your posts to stay in the Facebook feed for 1-3 hours. Constantly changing your post content, including pictures and maintaining a good collection of blog posts, tips of the day, videos and memes is good marketing for personal trainers practice. Scheduling the posts to go out at certain times can be achieved on professional pages, and is not a form of spam.

People will share your material if they gain something from it, whether it be practical, emotional or a trigger for personal action. Sharing means spreading awareness and potential clients!