REVEALED: The benefits of being at the top of Google

By 3rd November 2016 No Comments

I read a quote the other day.

It stated that real estate businesses swear by three things, which are critical when buying a property – position, position, position!

This rule is quite similar in the online world – position is vital when it comes to your website presence.

By presence, I mean one thing – your search ranking.

Right now, with 2017 just around the corner (as crazy as that sounds!) getting found online is crucial and so important that businesses can rise or fall due to their Google search ranking alone!

But there’s more to than that and in this post I’m going to tell you the real benefits of being at the top of Google.


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Top Position Gets More Traffic

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first and that being when your website sits at the top of Google, it receives more traffic.

We all knew that already, but the question is; how much more traffic exactly?

Search Engine Watch reported that the top 3 positions on Google receive nearly 70% of clicks from every search. So, it clearly indicates why your websites needs to be on top. Basically, the picture is the same with other search engines including Bing and Yahoo. If your website becomes visible on top, that would mean more authenticity and trust which are obvious elements for more leads and traffic.


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Enhanced Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is extremely important. As more pages on your site reach the first page in Google, web browser begin to become familiar with your business name, your website and your brand.

This familiarity builds credibility in your business and adds trust, making visitors more likely to purchase or sign up to your service. The higher you are on Google, the more recognition your business gets.



Increasing Content Authority

When one of your pages ranks on the first page in Google, that page is more likely to be seen as trustworthy and authoritative by its readers. Therefore, not only will the page receive more visitors, but each visitor will be more receptive to the page’s content as well.



Reduced Costs

We are all too aware of the costs when it comes to online marketing. Ads cost money.

But when you find yourself at the top of the Google pile, you will notice that your marketing costs and ad costs will somewhat decrease. It has significant impacts on your social media marketing as well.

However, one problem with search engine marketing is that you may not get the results immediately. If there are handfuls of competitors, you may have to wait a while until you see the true results. But, comparing to other businesses like giant corporations, your small business success can mainly be derived from search engines.



So how do you get to the top of Google?

Getting to the top of Google isn’t easy by all means, but with the right help it can be an easy stress-free transformation.

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