5 Reasons You Should Be Using Google AdWords

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You see them every time you search Google without fail. Some are greatly presented, some not so much. But in general, AdWords can be great for your business – if you know how to use them.

Google AdWords are also known as pay per click advertising (PCC) and were created by Google back in 2000 (How fast time flies). Since then, businesses of all shapes and sizes have used the platform to create advertising campaigns allowing them to generate new leads and more importantly more money!


Advantages of Google ad words

Although AdWords is not as new as we might imagine, many people are still unaware of the advantages that the advertising platform can bring to their businesses. So SUA are here to save the day and give you the top reasons on why you should be using AdWords today!

Measure up!

One of the most beneficial tools that AdWords provides is the fact that it allows you to measure exactly how your adverts are working. With this, you know for sure what campaigns are being clicked and which ones are resulting in conversions. This will then allow you to constantly change your adverts to ensure all are providing maximum results.

Pay per click

As you may already know, with AdWords you only pay when somebody clicks on your advert. Unlike other types of ads such as CPM banners, usually people who click are interested in what you have to offer. AdWords allows us to say goodbye to expensive campaigns that never get noticed!

Content is better than money

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that, advertisers who pay more get better rankings or placements. However, with AdWords this isn’t entirely the case…

The advertiser, who provides the most relevant information and quality, when it comes to user experience, are almost always the advertisers who get the best positions and the best results. Therefore, if you ensure that your content is the best it can be, you will see more conversions.

Maximum Relevance

Another great advantage of AdWords is that you can refine your ads when it comes to audience targeting, and to only be shown to those who are looking for something very related to what you’re offering. You can choose certain keywords you want your ad copy to have, and that way attract the right audience.

The more relevant your ad is the better results you will achieve with your campaign, as the click through rate will be high, and the conversion will follow.

Speed of Google Adwords

One of the biggest pains, when it comes to advertising platforms online, is that adverts can take forever to process (sometimes 72 hours!) However, with Google AdWords you can have your first ad clicks literally within a couple of hours. You can create your campaigns and ads so that your prospects can view them quickly – something we love!

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