How to Get More Box Members Today

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With approximately 7000 Box gyms currently in the United States, it’s inevitable for multiple Box businesses to co-exist within the same district.

This is awesome news for the growth of the industry but it does mean that finding new Box clients is significantly competitive.

For those in the industry or for those seeking to get involved, here are some great little tips and techniques to step up your marketing efforts and eat up your local competition.


Make the most of Free Classes

You will find that most Box gyms offer a free trial class to attract new members. Why do most gyms use them? Because they are effective.

But with everybody using this method, you’ll need to deliver it better than your competition to gain the attention and business of potential clients.

Allocate time after your complimentary class to then talk to each client, one-to-one, and discuss their issues and answer any questions they may have. Do they suffer from a lack of motivation or want to look their best for an upcoming event? Find out what it is they want, and then tell them how your Box gym will empower them and help solve their issues.

A wise follow up to this would be to offer a special discount on your regular fees and tell attendees that the discount is only available to those who sign up on the day of the free class.

If your gyms numbers need a boost, offer a 2-4-1 or a buy one get one half-price offer. It’s a great way to get more people through the door and having more people in your classes can lead to more revenue in the future.

Build a Strong Vibe

As you know, Box members train as a team. Creating a strong community vibe amongst your members will boost morale massively and improve the likelihood of your current clients recommending your services to their family and friends.

To increase a sense of belonging and give a true community vibe, try looking at members-only events.

Also, ensure you have trainers available to talk with visitors, answer questions, and encourage sign ups. A great idea would be to collaborate with someone who offers a complementary service, such as a nutritionist, who can further educate visitors on leading a healthy lifestyle.


Find New Audiences

How often do you promote your business to new audiences? The more people who see and hear about your business, the greater chance you have of gaining new clients. It’s simple.

Networking groups, companies, and service groups are all good places to find new audiences. Talk to your friends who work in these sorts of organizations and get them to put you in contact with event coordinators. Offer to host a talk on fitness and focus on issues that are pertinent to the group you’re speaking with. For instance, how can a company make their office healthier on a day-to-day basis? How can office workers with sedentary lifestyles integrate fitness into their busy schedules?

The point here is to avoid going in with a hard-sell approach. Offer valuable information and you’ll gain exposure, build credibility, and attract new clients naturally.

Host Box Classes Outdoors

With summer now here, hosting outdoor classes is perfect. A great place to host them would be in in a park where people are guaranteed to walk past while your training is in session. Have some flyers or business cards on hand. Some of those passers by are bound to ask what you’re up to.


Develop a Strong Online Presence

In these modern times, if people can’t find you online, then it’s quite hard to find you at all! The main priority to building a strong online presence is having a well designed, navigable website and an active presence on social media. If your site and social profiles look busy and fun, it will leave potential clients with a positive impression. First impressions count.

Instagram and Facebook are hotbeds for Box. Both have huge, active communities (groups, pages, hashtags) of users who are into fitness, particularly Box.

These are just some of the techniques you can use to find more clients for your Box business. If you’re in the industry and you have any to add to the list, share them with us in the comments section below.

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