Juggling your day-to-day schedule with creating online content can be quite overwhelming. It’s super easy to let things slip and before you know it, your last blog article was published months ago!

Ok, I bang on about blogging a lot! But with good reason – it’s crucial for getting noticed online. Not everybody is typing in “Personal trainer in such a city”. You will find that the majority of people are typing in terms like “How to lose weight fast” or “best way to shape my glutes”.

If you aren’t blogging on the hottest subjects, which people are searching for, then they’re engaging with another business; your competition.

So, how do you blog successfully? What should you even write about? Below, I’ll give you the five must-have articles, which people are craving.

Write content on these subjects and you will be golden…



What You Should Blog About?

Burning Fat – It’s arguably the most common struggle when it comes to health and fitness, and it has been for decades. We all have that little bit of fat we want to burn off, so providing articles covering this topic will bring more engagement to your website.

The only thing to note here is that given how common the struggle is, it means every gym expert and his dog are blogging about it. Many articles are total bull. So, make sure you give quality advice. Don’t just bang on about calories – people have heard about calories for years. Provide them with fresh proven strategies and you will get the traffic.


Success stories – When it comes to choosing a product or service, we seek proof. There are so many scams in the world, that we’ve now become a generation of skeptics, asking ourselves “what’s the catch?” – You won’t be able to change this matter, so the best thing to do here is provide them with what they want – cold, hard proof.

The best way to do this is by providing testimonials of your clients transformations. similar to above, you have to talk about the struggle first. Why is it such a success if you haven’t told the rags story? It’s not. Tell the hard stuff to get emotion.


Recipes – Food plans and healthy recipes are all the rage right now. Instagram is flooded with them and your blog should be too. This also works as a great lead generator. Ask readers to sign up to your newsletter for more recipes and you will begin generating an army of quality subscribers.

Just make sure your recipes are actually healthy…and tasty!


What you’re about – I know you talk about your services and your ethos on your website, but your blog will allow you to delve a little deeper under the skin. Talk about why or how you got into fitness, who your services will benefit. Try to answer any questions, which you think people may have about your services – times, prices etc. Then you have an audience that is ripe and ready.


Current trends – Nike released some new workout gear that you love? Write a blog about it. Seen your favourite celebrity make an amazing transformation? Write about it!

I can guarantee people are looking online for links about these subjects and the more unique your topic, the higher you will be for it in Google! Plus, content like this is huge and will bring a flurry of visitors fast!




Share your blog post ideas below and let us know about your blogging experience…