Your Facebook Page sucks: 4 things to change TODAY!

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Your Facebook Page sucks: 4 things to change TODAY!

I spend the majority of my day on social media and a big chunk of this time is on Facebook (as many of you will already know!)

But, I’ve recently become quite concerned with how other businesses are using (or not using) their Facebook page. The concern stems from one thing; the fact that more and more business owners are complaining that their Facebook page is bringing them zero leads.

When it comes to your business, your social media strategy is essential – there’s nothing more to it. And Facebook is your bread and butter.

Complaining about the lack of engagement on your Facebook page isn’t going to change it. You need to suck it up and realise what you’re doing wrong.

In this article, I’m going to cover the 5 most common mistakes that Facebook pages are making – including yours.

No more complaining and hoping for a miracle – let’s deconstruct these 5 points and get more engagement and leads from your Facebook page.




The last time you made a post, Obama was president.

First things first, if your page is lacking fresh content, then you are obviously going to get low engagement and even lower leads.

When did you last post content? If it’s anything more than 48 hours ago then it’s simply not enough. I am first to understand that, for some businesses, there just simply isn’t enough hours when juggling day-to-day tasks with online marketing, but posting often and consistently is crucial.

Take advantage of your evenings and create your Facebook content using a schedule platform like Hootsuite. You can then literally schedule your posts for the next 7 or so days in just one night. Saving you the stress and any excuses!





You’re content isn’t lead-generating.

This is by far the biggest culprit for Facebook pages with zero lead generation, and I see it almost everyday – Facebook pages with nothing but fluff content.

Flooding your page with snaps of your meals to pretty pictures of how your garden is blossoming in the summer, is killing your lead generation.

“But my garden picture got 25 likes!” – great, the majority of these likes are more than likely from friends and family, however, which leads me to my next point – fluff content like this should be limited to your personal profile, not your business page.

When you’re at a fitness rally or an expo trying to promote your business, do you cover your stand in pictures of your garden or of your pooch joining you on a run? No. You keep it business related.

Same thing with your website – does your homepage have pictures of last night’s steak on there? Doubtful.

This is what many people fail to understand, your Facebook page is a critical marketing platform. It’s not somewhere to just gain a few likes – you are here to get more customers.

I’m not expecting you to stop posting content like this completely. Just mix it up more. Instead of uploading fluff content constantly, mix it up 70% business related 30% fluff.

It’s all about balance and knowing what your buyer persona wants.




Your customer service doesn’t cut it

People engaging with your posts on your Facebook page is great and is a brilliant opportunity for you to humanise your business.

If people are commenting on your posts or sharing your content but you don’t respond, it gives the impression that you’re a robot and not a human (as stupid as this sounds!)

Simply liking someone’s comment or thanking them takes just a second and can make a big difference to your audience – and might make others more likely to engage as well.

But your customer service doesn’t just end here. When people send you direct messages (to your inbox) you must respond. Facebook now shows an average response time on the front of your Facebook page, showing how long you take to respond. You want to keep this down to a minimum.

Finally, as rare as it may be, sometimes engagement may be negative. Unhappy customers now tend to jump straight on social media to hit businesses with a complaint, as it’s both easy to do and the complaint is instantly public for others to see.

When you receive negative engagement, the first thought that springs to mind is to delete it. But I recommend tackling negative engagement head on. Reply to these user’s comments or messages in a professional manner and go above and beyond to turn it from negative into a positive. If they’re unhappy with a service or a class, offer them a freebie and tell them that the service will be much better next time.

Be calm, friendly and go above and beyond to find a solution. Don’t forget, if the user has commented publicly on one of your posts or on the page itself, reply to their comment on there.

Other users will see that you have nothing to hide and are doing everything you can to resolve the situation.




Your Cover Photo Sucks

I recently published an article on here about Facebook cover photos because they’re just too important to ignore.

Your cover photo is the first thing new visitors see on your page and the image potential see when your page pops up on their news feed as a suggested page to Like.

Don’t just stick any old image in your cover photo section. Use it to boost your leads. Take a look at the recent article I published and it will give you more details on how to create the ultimate cover photo.




Time for Action

The point I’m trying to make in this article is that Facebook is an essential tool in your online marketing.

I can understand that low engagement and leads can become deflating and push you to look for different angles online, but stick with it – change up your content and provide more quality posts, engage with users more and avoid posting content that belongs on your own profile rather than your business page.

If you’re struggling on Facebook, drop me a comment below on on your issues and I will be happy to help…