Boost Your MMA Gym Without Breaking The Bank!

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Marketing your MMA Gym doesn’t have to cost the world. There are so many ways to promote your classes and attract new clients with little cash expenditure, but only when your marketing is done right. If you implement our tips below, your gym will thrive in no time whatsoever.

Create a Product Display.

Quality MMA gear can sometimes be hard to come by – especially for your new clients. A product display will be able to solve this and bring money into the gym at the same time. The display can be just simple or as complex as a glass display case. The important part is how it looks. Use your imagination. If you have time, create monthly themes in your display. Be sure to include item names, descriptions, sizes and prices. And don’t forget to secure the items (or permanently mark them in some way) so they don’t ‘walk away’.

Reward referrals.

Sometimes gym owners turn a blind eye when it comes to referral marketing and we never understand why. It can be a great way on bringing fresh people through the door. Plus, referred members are more than likely going to become regular clients, as they will be coming along with a friend or relative.

When a member does bring in a friend or relative to sign up, give the member a gift of appreciation, such as gym t-shirt or accessory. As an added incentive, give a small gift to the new member too.


Blog away!

Blogs are a simple yet effective way of getting your gym out there and noticed. You will find that blogs allow you to connect with a whole new audience, people you probably thought you could never reach through marketing. You have the chance to make a connection. If you specialize in a certain field of MMA, use this to your advantage and give helpful advice and tips.

Don’t forget the others

Other local businesses could be a goldmine when it comes to generating fresh members. If you have a lot of clients looking to lead a complete healthy lifestyle then look at building a relationship with a nutrition based company. You can then both cross promote each other and generate more leads together.


Freebies bring Clients

If you haven’t already, then look at offering a free class for newbies once a month. When it comes to a sport as niche as MMA, people will not always be as confident to signing up as they would be a regular gym. Giving them a taster class will show them exactly what you offer and how friendly and easy going your gym actually is. Make sure, at the end of the session, you or another instructor is available to answer any questions that people may have.

Get Online.

In this day and age, your company needs to be online. It’s essential for your business to grow. This isn’t just for MMA gyms, its for every business. Having an online presence is a must. This way people can find you and you can also go into more detail of the things you offer. A gallery is always a great touch too, allowing website visitors the chance to check out the gym from the comfort of their own home.

When it comes to MMA websites, you need something that looks freaking awesome, but also a website that generates conversions and brings you more bookings. Which is where we come in! Everyday we create fitness websites for all different types of companies all over the world, including MMA websites.

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