6 Blog Post Ideas For All Fit Pros

By 1st September 2015 No Comments

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you would have noticed how much we stress to fit pros, the importance of blogging. It’s a must if you want to rank high on Google and keep people coming to your website each week.

But we recognise that your skills are in fitness training and not everybody is the next Stephen King. Many trainers have voiced their worries on what to actually write about or that they often just get writers block.

It’s time to put that to and end.

Here are 6 simple yet engaging topics that all fit pros can blog about. They will keep your visitors on your website for longer and also bring in more potential clients!


Videos of your latest workout

The majority of people who visit your website do so as they are a fan of your service and what you can do for others. Personal training is a huge industry and there is a lot of competition out there. A great way of showcasing your service to people online is with workout videos of your sessions.

Now before you ask, you don’t need a huge professional camera etc. for these videos (even though it would be great!) You can simply record a few clips on your iPhone/smart phone of a workout and upload it to YouTube. People love that sort of thing, and with using YouTube, you will be providing another way for people to find you.

Injury Prevention/Prehab

Unfortunately, in this industry, injuries happen. However, every cloud has a silver lining, as blogging about injury prevention will instantly boost your blog and website with popularity and creditability. This subject is also essential to write about as not many trainers are writing about it at the moment. This means not much competition on the subject and will bring in great amounts of free traffic.

Q&A Sessions

We have recommended this to many of our clients as it is a great way of answering any potential clients queries resulting in them being happy to go ahead and become a customer. You need to think, if one person actually asked the question, then we almost guarantee that there are others looking for a solution too.

Different ways to do different things

It’s just like this blog post you’re reading right now, a list of different solutions for something are hot topics right now, and in this industry the list of possibilities are endless. You may consider writing something along the lines of ‘5 different ways to build your Glutes’ or ‘8 tips on losing fat’.

Don’t worry if your post seems cliché – people are more likely to click and read when there is a list of different items, as it will provide a number of different solutions.

Workout Programming

This has to be the most popular blog post topic in our industry – workout programs. This is also a great subject as you can share the different methods you use, showing readers why they should go ahead and use your service.

If you want to add some extra oomph, then go ahead an upload images to this blog of you going through this workout with one of your clients. Discuss reps, sets and the muscles that each workout uses. This is also a great way of showcasing what you specialise in to your visitors.

The latest recipes

The general public are always on the lookout for healthy, yet delicious recipes. Get creative in the kitchen and document the process.  Make sure you take lots of awesome pictures to show your followers each step of the way so they can copy and end up with the same result.



These subjects can be used over and over again with different angles, giving you countless ways to blog. Do remember to provide a call to action on your blogs to bring in the new clients.