5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

By 14th December 2016 No Comments

With the new year just days away it’s time to think about a few things; who we are kissing when the clock strikes 12, what resolutions we are ‘definitely going to keep’ next year, and most importantly, what digital marketing trends, 2017 will bring.

Well when it comes to digital marketing there will be many new trends in 2017. The industry is constantly growing and will see many things rise to the top as well as others falling into the black hole of marketing past.

But what exactly will dominate in the New Year? Here are our predictions for digital marketing trends in 2017


digital marketing trends 2017 

Video content will reign supreme.

Yes, in digital marketing – content is king, but the kind of content that sits at the top of tree changes every year.

2017 will be the year of the video. Social content, reviews, blogs, papers, and eBooks are all still crucial aspects of marketing, but video will be the rage moving forward.

Also, with the massive success of platforms like Pokémon Go, earlier this year, we expect virtual and augmented reality to take us into the future.

Businesses that fail to incorporate visuals and videos will be sadly left in the dark and fall.


digital marketing trend 2017

Everything will be personal.

Customising products has become extremely popular over the last 2 years; from our own mobile phone cases to choosing Coca-Cola cans with our name on it.

Making your business more personal to your prospects, in 2017, will help to make your year a success.

For some fitness businesses, this can simply be a personalised product, like water bottles etc. For others, it’s simply streamlining the purchasing process and making it more responsive to fit each individuals needs.


digital marketing 2017

Mobile is priority.

Mobile marketing will become no.1 priority for businesses next year, which really comes as no surprise.

Everything from your business website to email campaigns should be formatted for mobile, first and foremost as mobile web browsing leaves desktop browsing another step behind.

Most people are viewing websites, reading email, and perusing social media on their mobile devices. In 2017, you must go to where your viewers are. Your business will increase engagement and conversion by having mobile-compatible content.


digital marketing predictions 2017

2017 will be all about ‘now’.

Social scheduling and automation will no longer be the preferred engagement tactic in the New Year.

Live streaming has galloped into town and, right now, it looks like it’s staying for a while. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have jumped onto the live streaming bandwagon, which encourages real time interactions and engagement – a huge plus for digital marketing.

Now before you start stripping back your whole social media marketing strategy, take it easy. You don’t need to fully revamp your plan, but we do recommend adding live streams to your calendar. It will add variety to your social presence and inspire followers to tune in more frequently. More social presence, means more potential customers.

You’re live in 5 Miss Monroe!


2017 marketing trends

Marketing with memes, gifs & infographics

Over the past couple of years; memes, gifs and infographics have pretty much flooded the feeds of social media, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop anytime soon.

Everyone loves to laugh, and if you can implement a certain degree of wittiness into your content marketing, then you are bound to get increased interaction and better engagement. As for infographics, such an intelligent bit of content marketing!

Having a visual form of information or data relevant to what you are selling is a perfect way of sending out a clear message. It’s worked in 2016, and we’re pretty sure that we will be seeing a lot more of it in 2017!



Final thought

2016 has been a huge year for digital marketing. We have seen live content debut and thrive, we’ve seen mobile browsing still grow in momentum, and we’ve seen a huge growth in social media advertising.

These factors will play a huge part next year and if you stick with the trend, you will see your business thrive through 2017 too…