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Turn your website leads into clients

By 5th September 2014 No Comments

“All these website visitors!! Why aren’t they getting in touch?”

Horrible situation to be in – we’ve been there ourselves. At one point we were getting 1,200 unique visits per month, and only 1 (or 2 on a good month) people getting in touch.

As a business owner, it was horrible and was for us the turning point where we decided as a business our #1 goal was about generating leads on websites for our clients and not just having something which looks good. Although our websites still look good anyway…!

However once you’re at the point of generating loads of leads coming in it’s all well and good having a rock star website that provides your with multiple leads a week, but what are you doing to turn those leads into clients?

It’s all about the follow-up sequence, we personally use Infusionsoft here to make sure everyone who interacts with us gets a great experience. I’d recommend it to any small to medium business owner, however it can be a little pricey. Totally worth it if you can stretch to it.

But the point of this blog is, you need to do at least some form of follow up sequence, don’t just have a basic form which does nothing afterwards.

What are your options? here are my favourites:


As above, this is what I’ve implemented into Startup Active. It’s worth being aware there’s a huge learning curve, I got lost in it for a week and came out the other side enlightened, but some of my team hate it as it’s not easy to get to grips with. I find most of our clients love it when they dedicate time to it and get involved.

This lets you set up elegant campaigns, following up with people and getting them booked in for a consult. Infusionsoft is the backbone of my business now.

MailChimp Automation Workflows

This is an awesome feature MailChimp released not so long ago and is something I’ve started to recommend to clients recently as it’s pretty easy to use.

Their features page gives you a good summary but, in short, gives you the ability to send a sequence of emails once someone fills in a form on your website.

aWeber Campaigns

Although I don’t like this as much (I’m not a big fan of their interface) it does do what you need it to do.

A bunch of Startup Active clients rely on this in their business and love it, so it’s worth checking out, but personally can’t recommend it over the 2 above.