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Make Your Offers 10x More Effective!

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Offers are everywhere. You can’t walk down the street or browse the web without seeing them and there is a perfect reason for it – they work. Offers play a fundamental part in lead generation. Without them, it’s pretty damn hard for you to convert people, especially online.

But offers aren’t just beneficial for new clients. They also play a critical role in nurturing existing leads and helping them become ‘sales ready’. But what actually makes a ‘good offer’? This is what you need to discover to make yours successful – and in this post we will tell you exactly what you need to know and how to execute it with your marketing.


The biggest and most common mistake

First off, when it comes to offers, making the right type at the right time to the right person is essential. Yet this is often where businesses fail.

Let us ask you a question; have you found yourself, at any point, offering the same old offer month after month without much success? Or have you ever offered something, which has brought in the wrong target audience for your business?

If the answer is yes, don’t worry – many businesses do this, and the results are always the same. It fails to help the business grow long term.

Let’s just simply admit that things aren’t working the way you would want them to. Now we can start the process of moving in the right direction.


What type of offers you should be marketing

The good news about having a business in the fitness industry is that there are many routes you can go down with your offer:




Workout Plans

Free Diet Plans

Free Trials



But what makes these offers good? Yes, the above ideas are brilliant but they’re not brilliant on their own. You need to ensure everything is set in place to make your offer great.


Ensure the offer is valuable and high quality.

If your offer requires your website or landing visitors to complete a form to get access, then the offer basically needs to be convincing enough for them to go ahead and fill out the form. People are very reluctant to give any other their contact information these days, with more scams and spamming online than you can shake a stick at.

Ensure your website shows off your businesses legitimacy and steer clear of churning out mediocre, mundane offers. You don’t want your business to become known for rubbish offers that aren’t even worth the form completion. This will massively damage your lead generation.

Your offer will always be valuable if it addresses problems, needs, and interests of your target audience.


Marketing your offers for maximum profit

Once you have nailed down what offer you wish to run and have a clear understanding of what makes a good offer, you need to begin your marketing campaigns to help push it to your audience.

Before we move on, we need to make it clear – just because your offers are valuable and extremely helpful for your target audience, it doesn’t mean they will generate leads if you’re not pushing them with quality marketing. Which is why we have gathered a number of tips and tricks to successfully market your offer campaigns…

Creating your arsenal.
The toughest part of the whole process is building up your fleet of lead-generating offers, but it can mean the difference between good results and awesome results. Create a simple spreadsheet listing all of your offers that you currently have and map out a plan of action on where to promote certain offers. Having one offer is great, but having an arsenal is something else.

Use Lead Capture Forms

Lead-Capture forms are a godsend when gathering new visitors details. This allows you to nurture them into your sales funnels. When offering an eBook etc. place your offer on landing pages, behind forms. This allows you to collect visitor information that helps you qualify a new or reconverting lead and track what they’ve downloaded from you throughout the sales cycle.

Using CTA’s, wisely.

We often talk about CTAs (call-to-action) and it’s not because we love them – even though we do – it’s because they’re more important than most people think.

You need to put thought into each one of your CTAs. First and foremost is ensuring that they stand out and catch the users eye. Play with different variations and split test them to determine which one receives the best click-through rate.

Create blog content around your offers.

Sometimes people just tend to stay away from offers. That’s how it is. But that doesn’t mean they won’t buy. You just need to be clever with it.

Let’s say, for instance, you were offering an eBook on how to transform your body in 30 days. Publish a blog article that covers this topic roughly and couple that with an engaging call-to-action explaining that readers can learn more by downloading the new guide. The fact that they have read this article means they’re interested in the subject and, if your CTA is good enough, they will go ahead and download the full eBook. Excerpts make for easy blog content – perfect.

interested in instagram

Promote your offers on social media.
Promoting your offers on your website is great, but it shouldn’t be the only place you promote them. If you have read any of our social media articles you will be aware of how important it actually is.

Use your social media channels to help with your offer promotions by sharing links to the landing pages for your offers and briefly explaining their value in your tweets, Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn posts.

It’s easy to post on social media, sometimes a little too easy. Don’t rush your campaigns and try to spend some time to preparing your strategy so you can expose your offers to as large an audience as possible.

When it comes to social media, Facebook is by far top of the pile. There are many ways you can promote your offers on there, from paid ads to adding a cta in your cover photo. Check out the blog posts below to see how you can boost your Facebook marketing:

You’ve got mail!

It’s more than likely you’ve received a newsletter or two in the last few days. Businesses of all shapes and sizes use newsletters, as it’s a great way to promote to such a wide base in such a short time. Take some time to check out Mailchimp. The email marketing software allows you to easily send out batch emails to your subscribers and track click rates etc. Great for all businesses! Remember to use engaging subject lines and to ensure your emails are not mundane. Readers will click off your email within a heartbeat if it doesn’t grab their attention.

Track offer performance

This part is essential to the growth of your business. Every offer you create should learn from the last. How do you learn? You measure the performance of your offers. This will help you identify what is successful, where your clients are coming from and what CTAs work.

Learning what is and isn’t working and putting these results into action for your next campaign is what turns you into an expert marketer. Determine what your prospects prefer, what offers are getting more conversions and nurture these efforts into your future campaigns.


Final Thought

It’s January soon, offers will be more prominent than at any other time of the year, and that includes from your competitors. Fitness businesses are commonly known to thrive in January but that isn’t always the case. What if your competitor is reading this article and putting these steps into action already. You simply cannot ignore it. To make your offers great and to bring in the money you desire, you need to put the above actions in place, sooner rather than later. You can download this article as a FREE cheat sheet, which is print ready for you to keep at hand. Simply click here