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Attract Your Leads Rather Than Chasing Them

By 29th November 2013 No Comments

When choosing to dedicate your life to changing the lives of others, and making health and fitness your career, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd.

Your fitness website needs to attract leads, and as personal training is one of the most saturated and competitive industries, it can be difficult to stand out and offer a bespoke service. Let people know what your brand is all about and what you can help them achieve. A clean, clear and simple site will allow potential clients to easily navigate and be more likely to spend more time on your site, encouraging leads!

Make your fitness website work as hard as you do by choosing the look and feel you think best represents the service you are looking to provide, inviting potential clients to sign up and want to share you advice and site with others. A strong brand identity can help increase online footfall to your site, and the more visitors you have the more likely it is that some of them will want to pay up and start training with you.

We strongly recommend to create a blog or page reports with hints and tips, giving an insight into what it would be like to train with you. Offer some advice for free, making the whole experience feel less like a business transaction and something more personal. Blogging not only keeps your site live and active, it helps improve your Google ranking! Obviously the higher you appear on Google the more likely you are to get fresh new potential clients explore your site, meaning more likely to get new custom!

Getting client’s contact details is vitally important to business growth. As much as your focus is probably fitness and not marketing, equipping your site with magnets to hook in potential clients is essential. Social media is an easy way for people to attach to your site, as are the options to sign up for updates and the latest news posts.

Not only is the fitness marketplace highly competitive, it is also constantly changing. Research and new discoveries about fitness, health and nutrition means it is essential that you can update your website quickly and efficiently.

Our advice is not to neglect your fitness website, care for your site and it will care for your business!