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Are Your Websites Images Helping To Capture Leads?

By 25th April 2014 No Comments

Your website is going to reach thousands of viewers and the first thing that hits them are your images. So are your images helping or hindering your personal training websites?

Websites have a matter of seconds to grab a persons attention, so if you are looking for clients interested in Cross Fit but you have images of mother and me fitness, they will not stick around!

You should always have your target market in mind, picking relevant images that portray your company and style is the key to boosting your conversions via your personal training websites.

We encourage our clients to use their own images on their site, but in doing this you must ensure that these images are taken with a good image structure and quality.

The more of your own photos that you can use the better the reaction from the viewer, you create a familiarity with them encouraging them to trust and connect with your company, grab their attention and you are at a head start in turning them into a potential client!

One of our recent personal training websites that has used amazing images of their own is Urban Fitness. Their images are strong, consistent and give the feel of their gym and business as a whole. Paul Fetters website, The Training Spot, showcases his personal training in Huntington beach services with mostly his own images too.

If you do not have your own images and do not have the means a professional shoot done then there are plenty of imagery websites out their with great, ready made images for you to use. We recommend ShutterStock to our clients. Take a look at Pure Results Fitness, providers of personal training in Portishead their site uses stock images perfectly.

Your website encapsulates your business into one handy pack for potential viewers. Ensure you get the feel of your personal training websites right by choosing the right images.