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7 Email Ideas to Build Customer Relationships

By 4th August 2016 No Comments

Email campaigns are a sure-fire way to keep your clients up to date on your latest business news, blog posts and – most importantly – upcoming promotions.

If you have read any of my articles on email campaigns before, you will already be aware that you should be sending emails to your subscribers frequently – I’d recommend approximately 1-2 a week. However, when sending emails this regularly, it can cause one problem – you’re left stumped for actual email ideas.

Figuring out what to write in each email can be a tough task. But don’t worry, we are going to provide with a number of ideas to keep your emails fresh and eye-catching, week in week out!


Welcome Newbies!

It’s a great feeling when you get a new subscriber, isn’t it? You should make the subscriber feel just as excited as you are about them joining your business circle.

A simple welcome email is a great way to say thanks to a new potential customer who has just signed up for your mailing list.

Keep this email branded and try to make it more upbeat so you keep the subscribers excited about your business!


Send Invites

Everyone loves to feel included, so invite your clients, friends, and fans to an exclusive event, party, sale or deal. Make them feel like your event is the hottest show in town and they’ll be sure to respond.


Holiday Emails!

Whether it’s Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day or just National Pizza Day (February 9th if you were wondering), holidays are always a good excuse to send your subscribers an email.

The greatest thing about sending emails during holidays is that they provide you with a theme too!

Take your target market into consideration and plan out key holidays for the next 6 months. You will then be able to keep on schedule rather than realising 2 days prior.


Shout Out Your Special Offers

This one isn’t exactly a fresh idea – but it works.

Many customers open newsletters simply to see what sales and deals businesses are offering, which means you should send them too. From coupons and half price Bootcamp sessions to free eBooks, deals have and will always get subscribers engaging.


Sneak Peek Email

Ready to launch a new gym class? Got a new studio? Let your subscribers know first. Instantly they will feel both special and respected as you’ve broken the news to them before the rest of the world.

Create a blog post and link your email to it where the readers can find out more. Emails like this not only boost open rate, adding a link to your blog will boost your website’s traffic, too.


Follow Us!

A couple weeks back, I read an article online about social media, stating that businesses shouldn’t ask people to follow them.

Why? It’s such a bizarre statement to make!

Asking people to follow your business on social media is a good thing! It’s something ALL businesses should do. So feel free to send out an email asking subscribers to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and any other network you’re on.

This adds more people to your social media networks and with people, comes engagement.

Include links to everything from your most popular Tweet, this week, to your new LinkedIn company profile.


Ask for Feedback

Feedback is always welcomed in business – it is crucial to growth.

Let your customers know that you truly value what they think. There are endless amounts of things you can ask subscribers for feedback on, from your new branding and website to more serious matters like pricing and client interests.

These kinds of emails can generate conversations with your customers and provide you with creative ideas on how to improve your services or products.

Feedback is always valuable.



What experience have you had?

Have you got any creative email campaign ideas that you enjoy sending to your subscribers? Let us know in the comments below!