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6 Quick Tips to Getting More Bootcamp Clients

By 22nd September 2016 No Comments

It seems like more and more of our fitness professionals are delving into the world of boot camp training. Running a fitness boot camp business is an exciting and profitable way to help many people lose weight and get in shape and the fact that people can bring a friend for moral support or just for a challenge will give you an edge over the good old gym membership.

But where do fitness professionals begin when creating a bootcamp and attracting new clients to their sessions? In this article we will cover a number of unique pointers to creating a regular bootcamp class for your fitness business…


Create a landing page

One of the first angles to look at when creating a bootcamp is by running promotions online. This allows you to cover a wide amount of people in such a short amount of time. But your ads need to go somewhere.

Having a landing page dedicated to bootcamp bookings will make it much more easier for people to show their interest and sign up. It will also help to boost your subscriber list for future email marketing.

Setting up a simple landing page is the first step when generating online leads. Download our free landing page guide here.



Run social media ads for your classes

Once your landing page is set up you need to drive traffic to it. Many bootcamp classes are now advertised on social media and there are a number of reasons – the obvious being how easy it is to target your demographic in just a few simple clicks.

Facebook is a god-send for bootcamp ads, plus with the ability for users to tag their friends, asking if they want to join them, only drives more engagement to your posts – win-win!



Try Deal of The Day Websites

Another great way to generate tonnes of new bootcamp classes is through ‘deal of the day’ websites.

Places such as Groupon are hugely popular for bootcamp classes and can introduce people to your business. A great part about using these websites is that purchases are made online, instantly. So you don’t need to worry about the exchange of payment or people not turning up.

This is something we highly recommend – it could bring you hundreds of new bootcamp members in literally 24 hours!



Don’t Lower Your Price!

If you’re already running bootcamp sessions but have seen a drop in clientele, the most obvious solution would be to lower your prices, right? Wrong.

Lowering your pricing instantly lowers your service credibility. If your bootcamp provides a high service and gets results, then don’t cheapen it.

Give your bootcamps are price that reflects your service as well as appealing to prospects and don’t just lower that price if you see a dip in clientele – try alternative marketing techniques!



Give your clients results.

Having clients like you and think highly of you is great, but they are not paying for your banter, they’re paying for results.

This is the sole reason they signed up and if you don’t provide them with the results promised then before you know it they will, just simply leave for one of your competitors.

Be friendly, polite and have fun but remember why they are here and why they have chosen you and your business.



Reward your clients.

As well as providing results, treat your clients too. When profit margins are looking good why not treat your clients to a free gift – a protein shaker or something that they can use in your sessions.

The cost for these can be low but the benefits can be great! A free gift will inject more confidence in your services. It will also make your clients feel wanted and appreciated – not making them feel like you just see them as a typical customer.

Rewarding clients can also bring you more clients – people talk and when they see your service is working and you actually give a damn about your bootcamp team, more people will give your classes a try.

You can also brand your gifts with your logo to generate even more brand awareness.



Final Thought

Bootcamp sessions are at an all-time high right now and for good reason – they work and are extremely profitable. Just remember that bootcamps don’t just grow on it’s own. You need to market them well to generate high interest.

Already running Bootcamp classes? Tell us how you promote yours in the comment section below!