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6 ways you’re killing your conversions

By 29th June 2016 No Comments

Conversions – we all love them and, let’s be honest, our businesses would be a pipe dream without them. But sometimes conversions can dip. Every business has faced this, but what could possibly be killing your conversions?

In this article we will tell you the top 6 conversion killers that you could be falling victim to as we speak!


You’re not mobile

This one I need to get out of the way early and there are a number of reasons why: It’s arguably the most common killer and to be quite honest, it baffles me how – in 2016 – businesses are still failing to make their landing pages and emails mobile responsive.

What I mean by this is that when a prospect visits your landing page or opens your email, on their mobile or tablet, it looks crap! They have to pinch and zoom and everything in between. It’s not good for business and people will just simply leave your landing page in a heartbeat!

Mobile Internet browsing has overtaken desktop browsing. Which means you need to cater for both.

Responsive Design

Your emails should work on all major devices your readers might use, even if they switch from one to another. You should make sure your email looks great at full resolution and at half size and be smart about what goes inside your email, what is highlighted, making sure that functions are easy to access.

The majority of landing page tools and email marketing tools will give you the option to edit your mobile design as well as desktop. We recommend using Instapage for your landing pages and Mailchimp for your email campaigns.

Make your designs easy to click and don’t expect readers to zoom in or scroll across the screen to find your Call-to-action button – because the majority won’t.

Also, when you have finished your email/landing page design, don’t just send it to your subscribers and hope for the best – test it! See how it looks on multiple devices to ensure you have catered for all readers.


You’ve bored your subscribers to death!

I see hundreds of emails every week and it’s likely your subscribers see a high number, too. Do you know how many times I see a button with the same old boring ‘Buy Now’ on it? Too many times to count! It’s boring – it doesn’t grab my attention and ultimately doesn’t end in a sale.

So whenever you’re writing copy for your emails and landing pages, try to create more exciting and compelling content. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid of trying new unorthodox methods. There are countless ways of saying ‘buy my products’.


Your headline text sucks!

It’s the very first thing people see when visiting your landing page or opening your email – the headline. It’s your opportunity to grab user’s attention. But if your headlines suck and don’t grab the attention then don’t expect people to read on.

Just like the point above, you need to be creative with your copy. People receive emails all day, everyday. Your job is to make yours stand out!


You’re confusing people

Always make the purpose of your email clear. A man called Thomas Leonard once said “Clarity affords focus” and he was right. Having a mixture of different call-to-actions on your landing page or email will make the user confused. Which are they supposed to click?

Now I’m fully aware that sometimes you will have different CTAs because you’re promoting various products and services. If this is the case, just make sure your CTAs are specific and that they’re clear for the user to see what will happen when they click the button.


You’re sending people the same content.

This mistake is made more often than not. Ask yourself this question: Are all your subscribers the same? Are they all the same gender, same age, wanting the exact same goals? I’m guessing your answer will be no.

This means that your landing page or email may reach out to a percentage of your audience but not to the rest.

You need to segment your audience and send them content relevant to them.

There are a lot of possibilities: from simple segmentation such as based on location, gender or interest, to more complicated automated emails such as based on their activity, what they bought, how much they spent in your online store, when was the last time they opened an email from you, or clicked through to your site.

Collect as much data as you can from your subscribers and you’ll be able to send them content that’s more personalized and tailored to their needs and interests. Hence, content that’s more likely to convert.


You’re not using your stats correctly.

Here at SUA, we monitor every email campaign and landing page we send out – from opens and visits to clicks and conversions. This gives you an insight into what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re not keeping track of your stats then you will find it hard to grow with your email campaigns and landing pages and ultimately your digital marketing.

Your stats will show you who is opening, when they’re opening and what style of subject lines generate more engagement.

Keeping track of your stats will transform how you generate conversions.