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Top 10 Youtube Channels for You & Your Clients

By 6th May 2015 No Comments

It’s no given – YouTube is packed with thousands upon thousands of fitness videos, some being quite beneficial, some being quite damn weird!

To save you hours of searching, the team here at Startup Active have compiled a list of the best fitness channels that you can share with your clients.

Some provide useful tips and motivation with others bringing you quick workouts to help your clients keep on top of their goals.

So here is the rundown of the Top 10 YouTube channels you should tell your clients about…


Amanda Russell

With the slogan FSS (Fit Strong & Sexy) Amanda Russell, a former competitive athlete, posts a lot of quick 5 minute workouts that can practically be done anywhere, whether it be at home or in one of your classes. Amanda has video workouts that target various muscle groups and HIIT workouts. These videos are perfect for your clients when they’re at home or you can add some of her workouts to your classes.


Rob Riches

Rob Riches is a natural fitness model and competitor, as well as CEO of True Performance Nutrition.

There’s a lot more to learn from Rob besides not to take the Craze pre-workout supplement and his physique shows it. He recently placed 3rd in the 2013 UKBFF British Finals in the physique short category.

His videos consist of training sessions as well as some awesome healthy recipes. One of his most popular videos can be found below where he gives advice on getting a 6 pack.


CT Fletcher

If somebody on our list is going to get your clients motivated, it’s going to be CT Fletcher. Baring in mind, CT does love swearing a tad, he’s still an awesome motivator who will teach your clients how to get into the right mind set ahead of your class. And for you…CT will probably make you think your workouts aren’t intense enough!


Layne Norton

Layne Norton is one of the most popular bodybuilding and fitness gurus today and for good reason. He has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois. He has multiple published researched articles on muscle protein synthesis (building muscle) and proves that not all bodybuilders are meatheads.

He firmly believes in using science over broscience and is often involved in controversy due to his beliefs but he holds his ground. He is the source for some of the most up to date information regarding training and nutrition. Love him or hate him, Layne is the man.


Ashley Wilkinson

Ashley Wilkinson is a Bikini Figure competitor, who creates video blogs about her journey, training tips and stage posing advice. This doesn’t mean she only caters for competitors; however, she also uploads meal prep ideas and deadlift techniques etc.


Brendan Meyers

Brandon Meyers’ workouts involve a lot of exercises using only bodyweight and callisthenics.

With his background in Exercise Physiology he often breaks down the exercises and workouts into various parts to help describe specific movements and how to do it correctly. A great channel if your clients need some help with perfecting their form.


Chelsea Karabin

Chelsea Karabin’s video channel is on our top 10 as her video’s are slightly different to the other females on this list – she focuses on heavy weights. She shares her training methods along a journey to becoming a competitive power lifter. There’s a lot of self-review of form and technique – another great blog to help your clients who are looking to perfect their form.


Tara Stiles

Majority of channels listed in this article are exercise routines involving weights and high-intensity routines. We had to add some variety in here – enter Tara Stiles. With Tara’s Vlog, it’s all about yoga and helping you achieve relaxation, balance and greater flexibility. If you specialise in Yoga classes or Pilates, then this is a brilliant channel for your clients.


Matt Does Fitness

Matt’s goal is to demonstrate how easy it is to workout and a lead an active lifestyle, no matter what your fitness goals are. He tries to balance training for strength as well as developing an athletic physique. And to build strength, make massive gains you need to eat like a beast. Check out the videos of what he eats.


Kali Muscle

Last but by no means least is Kali Muscle. How can we put this? Kali is a beast! Built like a monster…with a big heart and great personality! You’ll often see Kali moving endless stacks of weight plates in his videos.

Kali’s channel is entertaining and educational. In addition to teaching about fitness, Kali also likes to share his life story to help others overcome their life challenges. If you have any clients who are starting to fatigue in their fitness regime and think they need some motivation, send them to this guy.


10 great channels to inject motivation into your clients as well as help them perfect their form and stay on track. If you have any additional channels that you think are great, please leave them in the comment box below.