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The Fit Pro Women Killing It on Social Media

By 20th August 2015 No Comments

The world of female fitness is on fire right now – and the epicentre of that scorching blaze is social media.

Whatever you’re into, we are sure you have, at some point, come across an image of Jenny Selters infamous rear, Michelle Lewin’s ab workouts, or a fitness equivalent. And with millions upon millions of likes, these badass chicks are not hitting a social media plateau anytime soon!

Today we salute 5 ladies that are killing it right now, and determine what is making them so popular…

PLEASE BE AWARE: The majority of these ladies will kick your ass on leg day!!


Paige Hathaway

Since winning Flex Magazine’s Bikini Model Search, in 2013, Paige has become an Internet sensation, with a massive 6 million fans on her social media pages. The blonde bombshell prides herself on providing fitness tips and motivation through her pages for others looking to transform their bodies.

“I am overwhelmed by people’s positive responses to my pictures and posts. In a matter of one year, I went from having a few hundred followers to over half a million on Instagram. I still can’t believe it!”

Something that is helping Paige stay on top of the social media mountain is the 30-day fitness challenge, which she runs. Hathaway welcomes people of all shapes and sizes to show off their transformations over 30 days with a nice $10,000 dollars in prize money up for grabs!

Tip: If you’re looking to generate engagement with the right audience, try running something similar with a free 30-day membership to your gym or some free supplements for the winners. Not only will this help you gain followers, it will also bring people into your fitness sessions.



Michelle Lewin

Arguably the queen of social media for fitness right now has to be Michelle Lewin. The Miami based fitness enthusiast has a staggering 13million fans on her pages and that number is growing each day. But what is it that makes Lewin so popular? Well apart from her amazing glutes and washboard stomach of course, it has to be her workout posts. The videos, which last roughly 30 seconds – 2 minutes show Lewin going through many exercise routines, from ‘booty blasts’ to ab workouts. Two areas women seem to worry about most.

Something that has also made her popular is the use of ‘No Gym, No Problem’ caption, on her posts, which has shown her using the outdoors to help feed her workout hunger – from squats on a park bench to lunges while walking her pooch.

Tip: It seems like workout tutorial videos are really hot on social media right now, so we would definitely recommend getting some of these up there. These will help raise your profile and will also show potential clients that you’re the real deal!



Ana Cheri

Just like Paige Hathaway, Ana Cheri is also a Shredz ambassador and has a huge following on Instagram (3.2 million in fact), and it seems like their similarities don’t just stop there, as Cheri also runs a number of competitions, offering fans the chance to win T-shirts and supplements by following and sharing her posts.

Cheri is a fully-fledged model as you will be able to tell by her images but don’t let this fool you – she is also a fitness professional, recently opening her own gym, Be More Athletics.

Tip: Take a tip out of Cheri’s book and don’t just bombard your fans with the same constant posts on your fitness product or service. Switch it up a bit – upload generic fitness posts to keep your fans engaged. This will also help drawn in more likes and shares.



Emily Skye

The Australian model and fitness expert has more Figure and Swimsuit awards under her belt than you could shake a stick at, and with over 6 million fans and a verified blue tick, she really is killing social media.

But something Skye does differently to the others on our list is on her post content. You will notice, on her Facebook page for instance, Skye will, more often than not, put her website link in the body text. This is a great way of sending people from social media to her site where she can convert them into leads.

Tip: This is a brilliant way of generating more clients, so we would massively recommend adding your website URL in your posts. Furthermore, if you have a specific landing page for your ebook etc. mix it up a bit by alternating between the two.



Tone it up

Ok, we are kind of cheating here because this social media channel is two women rather than one…but Tone It Up generating a huge amount of clients so we had to feature them.

This deadly duo may not have the amount of fans that the above have, but they’re still kicking ass on social media, nonetheless!

Karena and Katrina are the founders of Tone It Up, which specialise in body transformations for women all over the globe and they’re generating a huge amount of leads from their social media pages. Something they do well is provide a wide range of material through their posts – from healthy recipes to client transformations, each post always feels fresh.

Tip: Something they also do well with their use of YouTube to create videos, which they then upload on their other social media channels. Videos seem to get a huge amount of views on Facebook and are known foe This massively helps generate potential clients as the professionalism in their videos shows their company as a big time player and, with the transformation images to go with it, they are becoming a massive success.

If you use YouTube, make sure you post your videos onto Facebook etc. to create a great buzz, however, please ensure the videos are of good quality!




Don’t get us wrong, we know full well that the beauty of these women has helped generate a big chunk of the ladies social media fans, but this doesn’t mean you cannot take marketing tips from their posts to help you generate more engagement and leads. The subtle web links in their content and the use of competitions can truly help bring more people to your social pages, which will then help create more clients…meaning more money.

Try to use some of our above tips in your future posts and see the boost in engagement. You never know, this time next year we might be talking about your page in one of our blog posts!