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Set Yourself Apart: A Niche Could Boost Your Business!

By 29th April 2015 No Comments

In life, the majority of us have a tendency to please everyone. Fitness professionals and personal trainers are no exception.

We market ourselves as the expert in fat loss, sports performance, rehab, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, reaching out to athletes, seniors, and couch potatoes alike. It takes a lot of time and money to market to so many diverse groups, and it often doesn’t work.

It might seem counterintuitive, but marketing to an audience of fewer can actually attract more clients. These people have the same passion, which you share, which narrows the focus. Focusing your resources on this one narrow group will allow you to market more effectively.

If you’re a kick ass trainer and provide awesome results and transformations, you could even become known as the trainer for your particular niche, which will have a multiplier effect for more clients in the niche, plus potential clients in other niches who will seek you out thinking, “well, if they’re that awesome with sports performance, they must be good with weight loss too.”

What is my niche?

That’s going to depend on two things:

The quality of the niche

How well you fit with the niche.

Consider these questions when deciding on your field:

How popular is the niche?

Who or what is your competition?

Do the clients you want to attract have time and money?

Do they care about what you can do for them?

The ideal niche is popular; not well served by your competitors; the people in it have time and disposable income; and they feel a real need for the service.

To see how your credentials can work with this niche field, consider these points:

Are you knowledgeable about the niche?

Do you have the experience?

Are you well connected to the niche?

Do you have the passion for it?

The next step

Once you’ve identified your perfect niche, you will want to plan your approach. In regards to your marketing, consider these:

How will you reach potential clients?

Where are they?

Who influences them now?

What is their pain?

What is your message?

What is your goal?

Does your approach reflect your goal?

As you answer these questions, you should start to get ideas about how to get more personal training clients from this niche.

The last step

Maintain records of time and money spent on various marketing initiatives, and keep track of how many leads and clients you get, and the value of each. Over time, this will guide future initiatives.

These numbers paint a very clear picture of where I should and should not focus future resources.

Keep records like this so that you too can make great decisions about where to spend your marketing time and money.

If you feel that you need help in choosing your niche and then finding your clientele, we are more than happy to help – contact us!