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Retaining Clients Not Just Training

By 9th October 2013 One Comment

A personal training business was the dream. Now it’s the reality, and you’re faced with a minefield of real world problems that affect every up and coming business, from finding new customers to filing tax returns. Startup Active has a vast array of advice that can help you with every aspect of your online business life – including customer retention – and can help with your internet presence.

Chasing new customers is one of the easier parts of any business; most people will try your service if the price is right and you show yourself in the best possible light. The surprising news is that you should not focus too much energy on attracting new business until you have made sure that each and every one of your current clients is happy, well catered for and has a customer experience that goes above and beyond.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful sales tool you can employ as a personal trainer, because like-minded individuals that want to get fit will take their friend’s recommendation over a flashy advert all day long. You can also up-sell existing customers and make more money without investing time and cash chasing new leads that may peter out.

For instance if a customer takes up your programme with the intention of losing a stone in 12 weeks, then make sure they bust that bulge and get down to their target weight. But don’t stop there. You can send them a weekly photograph charting their progress to a svelte new body, upload their picture to your personal training website to show others and engage them off and online to make sure they feel good enough about their progress to hit their final goal and, more importantly, tell others.

If your personal training website has the means to show these real life, human stories to back up the facts and figures you’ll present to potential new clients, it becomes a powerful sales tool in its own right.

Startup Active has built sites for more than 380 business professionals so far and can recommend the best site structure and functionality for you and your clients. That includes social media that can help you build a local presence and keep in touch with your clients old and new and even advanced systems like online booking that will you find new business, and retain the old ones.

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