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How to look good when creating Videos

By 15th March 2017 No Comments

Last year, we mentioned that video marketing would be huge in 2017 – and we were right! In fact, video marketing has blown up even more than we predicted! So many of you are getting in front of the camera to talk about your services, explain certain workouts and much more.


But, with video content, first impressions count. Your content needs to look clean and professional, and even more-so, you need to feel comfortable. So in this article, we are going to give you 5 key tips to ensure you look great in front of the lens and shoot awesome video content!


Dress Accordingly

When creating your video content, you want to ensure you’re dressed accordingly and smartly for your target audience. Bare in mind, if your a personal trainer, wearing a shirt and tie might seem like the smartest way to dress – but it doesn’t scream fitness!

When people are in the gym, we see personal trainers wearing t-shirts with their logo printed on it – something I would recommend for your videos.

You can get a logo printed t-shirt for next-to-nothing online, and I do recommend investing in some of these if you haven’t got any. These t-shirts don’t have to be used only on your videos either. Wear them when creating other visual content too – it’s good branding.

I recommend sticking with solid colors to avoid any confliction on your videos. Try to avoid tight patterns, as they can all be visually distracting to your viewer.







For our female readers, If you’re preparing to be a subject in a video, do whatever you’d normally do on an average day – makeup wise. In our humble opinion, the best makeup in videos is the makeup that viewers don’t even notice.

We understand that standing in front of a camera can be quite intimidating if you aren’t used to it, but by adding special makeup will add to the unfamiliarity.

You want to feel as comfortable in front of the camera as you possibly can.




Camera Placement


When taking selfies for Instagram or Snapchat, we seem to take super care in the camera placement to ensure we get our ‘good side’ and this should be the same for our videos, too!

Always try to keep your lens above your eyeline. This placement will help to prevent the dreaded double chin situation and will yield a much more flattering angle.

If you’re using a webcam (recording a webinar etc.) make sure to raise your laptop up off the table and angle it down toward your face, ensuring the camera is just above your eyeline.






The lighting situation of your video can literally make or break your content. Too little light and viewers won’t be able to see clearly, too much light and you will look like a white silhouette!

You want to make sure you get this right.

Consider the environment you’re shooting in and watch for unwanted shadows on the face. If your talent is standing directly underneath overhead office lighting, either shut the lights off or move the subject out from under the light. This will help to avoid the dreaded “raccoon eyes.”

If you’re using video lights, make sure your lights are placed just in front of the camera and slightly above the talent’s eyeline for the best results.





First things first – avoid bright colours, like orange and red. These colours will reflect back onto you and will affect your skin tone, too!

We tend to use muted tones – black or grey as our background. Add this with good lighting and your video content will look professional.

If you’re not shooting in front of a backdrop, make sure your background isn’t too distracting. If you cannot avoid distractions – maybe you’re creating a video in the office etc. you can also use a lower aperture on your lens, to blur the background slightly and keep you in focus.





For some of us, stepping in front of the camera can feel like hell. It’s not the most comfortable situation in the world – but confidence is key!

Take those hands out of your pockets, stand or sit up straight, and finish each line with conviction. Also keep in mind that when you’re on camera, you’re on the whole time, so make each moment count.

Remember, you don’t need to be perfect! If you fluff a line, don’t start the whole video again. Take a breather, get yourself together and start again from the last checkpoint.


You can then edit out any of the fluff later.

I recommend shooting videos in the afternoon/midday. It’s when you will feel in your prime throughout the day. Avoid late night recordings.


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