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How to keep your clients happy today

By 21st May 2015 No Comments

It’s not rocket science really is it?

Keeping your clients happy makes a successful business, whether you’re in the fitness industry or not.

There are many tonnes of ways to keep your clients smiling, however, we have narrowed it down to the fundamental 3 ways to keep everybody happy…

Go Out of Your Way!

As difficult as the title my sound, this tip is pretty simple when you put all the plans into place. For instance, spending an extra 5 minutes with your clients and showing an interest in their lives really does go a long way and will give your clients a boost of confidence. They will also be able to be more honest with you.

If you have the time (if you don’t make it) you could try creating a weekly email or blog that discusses many different things from your week. This is a great way to have people share your work also and ultimately will draw in more clients.

We are sure you have some friends who are fitness professionals, just like yourself, but remember, when it comes down to business you have to go above and beyond them. They are still competition.

Not directly, in your face kind of competition, but a more subtle competition. I strive on setting myself apart from what’s expected of trainers at our facility, and I do much more than what’s expected of me.

Give Your Client Exactly They Want!

To fitness professionals, this should really be obvious. Your clients pay your bills after all.

However, we still hear stories of fitness professionals who slip into the mistake of putting their goals before their clients.

For example, when you initially screen a personal training client, you may find some areas that need work. While correctives are great, if your client wants to lose 100 pounds, a purely corrective workout will take a long time to reach that goal.

You can always incorporate correctives into the workout, but remember what their goal is, not yours! If you are incorporating something like correctives or heavy deadlifts, always explain to the client why you are incorporating them, and reference their goals and how what you’re having them do will help get them there.

The Mirror and Family Strategies

This is by far our favourite tip. The Mirror and Family Strategy. If you haven’t heard of this strategy before, it’s quite simple, try to train your client like themselves are training them. Talk like they talk, joke like they joke, motivate appropriately.

The family strategy is also simple, treat your younger female clients how you would want your sister treated. Treat your older male clients how you would want your grandfather treated and so on.

You see these techniques – when applied – will make your clients feel comfortable and therefore help you build great rapport and relationships. Learn to read your clients quickly. If you train a very soft-spoken client, don’t try to motivate them by shouting like a drill sergeant.

Always respect your clients as you would your family, find out what motivates them and use it. If they have a holiday coming up that they want to get in shape for, keep mentioning it when they start slowing down.

At the same time, if they do want to chat about something important during a workout, let them speak, but keep in mind their goals and don’t let the session become a 45 minute talk about Game of Thrones, and a 10 minute half hearted workout.

A happy fitness client is a good thing to have. Keep them happy by going above and beyond expectations, remembering their goals (not yours) and treating them how they want to be treated and how you would want your family members treated.

If you feel you’re ready for more clients, lets chat.