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How much can you earn as a PT?

By 20th June 2014 2 Comments

At Startup Active we create fitness websites for personal trainers in varied stages of their businesses, from start up to those who own multiple facilities. If you are a start up and debating your salary, then you have to think about how much you want to put into your career.

A successful personal trainer who keeps up with the current trends and equips themselves with a great website and marketing campaign to accompany it can earn up to £60,000 per year. Typically per session trainers can charge between £20 – £100 per hour. To boost yourself to the £100 mark you have to show your extensive experience, amazing results and present your established reputation. This is something that we focus on showcasing when creating our fitness websites for personal trainers as it is an unbelievably effective tool to boost lead generation.

The key to progressing your career as a personal trainer, as in any career, is to expand your knowledge, many of your clients will enquire about different specialist training and nutritional programs, so keeping up and specialising in these areas will help boost your competitive advantage.

Take a look at Future Fits’ infographic here and for more information visit Future Fits’ Website.



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    Hi guys just passed my diploma looking at my website built to start up.I’ve got some good pics and have got some content about my story.Need to know the costs involved first thanks Alex

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