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GloFox: How To Become A Fit Pro Success

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We invited Anthony along this week to talk about what success looks like for a Fit Pro and his top tips for making that happen.

Anthony runs the amazing Glofox, fitness business software which helps you manage your customers.

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Having worked with hundreds of fitness business owners across many different sectors, I have observed common habits and practises that successful business owners employ on a daily basis.

While some of these ideas may seem fairly self explanatory and obvious, it is the combination of all five which seems to bring success.

Set goals and focus on the end result

This is best summarised by the famous maxim – “Start with the end in mind”. If you do not know your destination or what you would like your business to be, you will never be successful!

Successful business owners set goals and then make plans to reach those goals.

A good exercise is to start by writing a paragraph or two detailing in plain language where you would like your fitness business to be in three years time. Use this paragraph as the basis of all your planning and set out simple steps on how you can achieve this goal.

Put the right systems in place

Successful fitness business owners ensure that they have the right system and processes in place so that their business runs smoothly. Making the right decision in respect of your business infrastructure is crucial to your success.

To use an example, I recently spoke with a fitness business owner who was using a piece of leisure management software to run a bootcamp business. This resulted in lots of extra admin time as records and attendance had to be manually updated each day after the class.

Key rule of thumb – your business management tools should work for you not against you!

Check out some of the features we use at Glofox to help you focus on the right things in your business.

Communicate with your clients

Our most successful clients communicate with all their clients on a regular basis, be it individually or on a group basis. Let’s face it, there is so many options available in the fitness market that if you are not talking to your clients, one of your competitors will be!

Regular communication keep clients motivated and shows you (as the business owner) are thinking of them and care about their health and wellbeing.

Create your own content

One piece of unique content a week be it a Facebook post or blog post is far better than a multitude of sub-standard fitness posts like you see every day on social media. When it comes to content, quality wins over quantity in the sea of noise which is the fitness marketplace.

Our most successful clients, create good unique content which is engaging to their current clients but is also interesting to potential clients. Video is definitely the way forward!

This doesn’t have to be a high cost expensive video, a simple video post made on a smart phone with some practical tips or advice works just as well.

Empower your staff

In my view, this is the most important habit of our successful clients. All of our successful clients have staff who are engaged in their business, know how it works and are invested in its success. It is so often the case when I talk to fitness business owners that there is one person who can do a certain task (like create a new member or make a booking) and when they are not available the place falls apart.

Your business is only as good as the people who represent you on a daily basis. Empower them, give them greater responsibility and make them great advocates for your business. I guarantee it will increase your revenue very quickly.


Anthony Kelly
Sales and Marketing Director at Glofox

Glofox provides business management software and custom mobile apps to a wide range of fitness businesses including Crossfits, Gyms, Fitness, Yoga & Pilates and PT Studios. Glofox software helps fitness businesses drive revenue while freeing up your time to work on making your business more successful!

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