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[FutureFit Talks] 5 characteristics of a successful PT

By 22nd November 2016 No Comments

Our friends at FutureFit have taken to our blog to tell you the 5 characterisitcs that they believe makes a successful PT…


Knowing how to teach clients an exercise, write a programme, advise them on optimum nutrition and even coach them through successful behaviour changes are all essential skills for PTs. Yet to build a successful career it’s ultimately your personal characteristics that are most important.

How many of these do you have?

A thirst for knowledge

“The day you think you know all you need to know is the day you should retire”.

In the field of personal training knowledge is constantly evolving. Sometimes you’ll feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of theories, research, courses, books and experts there are out there – that’s completely normal and shows you’re eager to learn. Choose your sources carefully and you’ll constantly evolve and get better at what you do.


Chances are you’ll be self-employed or at least responsible for finding your own clients, as well as keeping them on track with their training. To that you need to be accountable to yourself – if you don’t motivate you, who else will? Relying on a manager to make sure you turn up on time or keep a high standard of customer service doesn’t bode well for a long career as a personal trainer.


“Don’t wait for your ship to come in – swim out to it”.

The internet is awash with promises of clients beating down your door and overnight six-figure incomes with minimal work from you. Yet in reality, the only way to be busy is to go and get the business. Whether that’s speaking to members on the gym floor, spending time building a large and engaged community, or creating effective social media campaigns, the fact you are doing something is the key.


Whilst you have to take responsibility for your own success, that doesn’t mean doing everything alone. In almost any industry, the most effective people have mentors and colleagues with a vast array of experiences and skills they can draw upon. PT is no different – to get to the top of your game you need a network of people and partnerships that will provide you with opportunities, fill in knowledge gaps, inspire you and even promote you to their own networks.


Building on everything so far, top PTs have what some business leaders call a ‘big game’. It’s your ultimate goal or purpose coupled with a strategic plan to achieve it. This plan gives rise to constant actions that progress and develop you and your business. The result is you can help more people and make more money, and eventually have more free time while you do it. The business mindset is crucial – how are you going to move beyond just being paid for your time, so you can earn while you’re asleep, or on holiday?


Not all of the above characteristics may come naturally, and indeed you may find some, particularly the last two, only develop as you gain more experience and realise what your true passion and purpose is within the industry. But having a genuine desire to make health and fitness your career is the first and most important step of the journey – the rest will come if you want it to.

Are you ready to get started?


Paul SwainsonPaul Swainson is Head of the Future Fit School of Personal Training, a role to which he brings over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. Having run his own personal training business and worked as a PT manager and tutor for some of the UK’s leading brands, his aim with the School of PT is to provide the next generation of fitness professionals with all the support and resources they need for a successful career