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Men VS Women: How Colors May Determine Your Business [Inforgraphic]

By 8th July 2015 No Comments

There’s no question that both men and women think and communicate differently. We’re from totally different planets…right?

This concept doesn’t only lie within romantic relationships and friendships either. It’s also relevant for how brands build connections with and market to men and women.

One area where the divide can be seen, quite prominently, is in the gender’s perception of colors.

KissMetrics created an infograph recently showing what colors men and women favor and what colors people think are cheap etc. The infographic is based on a study from 2003.

It also outlines some interesting lessons for brands creating marketing materials targeted at a certain gender.

Therefore, if you’re targeting either men or women in your fitness business, this infographic may help you decide your branding. Take a look and see…